Things To See in London – A Trip to Buckingham Palace

A Visit to Buckingham Palace

As a Londoner I forget to take advantage of the beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions that are here.

I am sure that most people who live in major towns always think that they will “get around” to visiting the historical monuments and other things of interest at some point or other.

The only time I venture out in London is if I have friends to stay or when I was in primary school where the teachers organised many trips to the museum and other attractions.

Today I took the opportunity to visit Buckingham Palace.  It is a ten minute walk from Victoria Station.  You just need to walk along Buckingham Palace Road.  As I rounded the corner I was pleasantly surprised to see that the normally very busy roundabout had been closed to traffic.  I realised later that this was due to the Para-Olympics and the bike or running races that were going to take place over the next few days along Pall Mall.

This meant that people could wander freely and stand in front of the Palace without worrying about being side swiped by a black cab or other irate drivers.

A Black Buckingham Palace Guard

The sun was shining brightly and this helped to highlight the golden detail work on the large majestic gates.

There were two sentries of the Queen’s Guard were standing in front of the Palace, in full dress uniform.   They must have been boiling, with their thick red coats and tall black bearskin helmets.

There is a tour that is available to take but it is a little pricey for my pocket.

Buckingham Palace Balcony

I was content to see the outside of the building that I usually see on the TV screen, especially the balcony where every newly married royal couple stands to wave to the crowds.

The last couple were the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and his beautiful bride Kate.


The Victoria Memorial Statue

As I write this I am sitting on the Victoria Memorial Statue opposite the Palace, soaking up the rays and enjoying the variety of languages from the tourists around me.

Buckingham Palace has to been on your “Top Ten Things to See in London” list if you ever happen to be in town for the day or longer.

Tell Me: Have you been ignoring the beautiful attractions in your own home town? Leave your comments below.

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