Tiffany Lambert’s How to Launch a WSO on JVZoo Course – My Results

Make Money with JVzoo and WSOLast week I launched my very first WSO on JVZoo. I did this with the help of Tiffany Lambert’s Guide book called How To Launch a WSO on JVZoo.

I knew that I was going to put together a PLR pack. I have a PLR website and I thought that I could write an article pack.

Tiffany”s Report- An Overview
I wrote a product review post, which you can read HERE.  I read through the whole report first and watched the videos, as and when instructed to do so by Tiffany.

Then I went back to the beginning and slowly worked my way through the chapters, putting each instruction into action.

The first few steps were quite straight forward. Then I got stuck. This had nothing to do with the material in the book. It was where I lacked knowledge in order to get the next thing done.

There was only one thing for it: “Hello Google, my very dear friend”.

The Issue – How To Create The Long Sales Page
Tiffany shows how she puts together her sales pages. She used to just write text into the Warrior Forum Sales Thread but now she creates an image, using MS Paint so that it looks more professional.

I do not have PowerPoint and I didn’t have MS Paint. The first thing I did was to download MS Paint. (Unfortunately, I also downloaded an unwanted toolbar that was connected – Had to go to Google again to find out how to get rid of this unwelcome virus. More hours wasted. Sigh.)

Once I got MS Paint uploaded correctly, I found that I didn’t know how to use it. This was going to be a learning curve and I just didn’t have the time. There had to be some other way, right?

I thought about it and realised, that I could create the long image using my blog post, and print the whole screen. Hurrah – crisis averted.

I wrote up my little Sales Page, saved it as a draft, previewed it and went to copy the whole image. Uh-oh. I couldn’t see the whole image on my laptop so I was stuck with the same problem.

Google, My Friend – Help!
I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to copy the complete webpage and save it as an image. I Googled away and found the solution:

Web Screen

Now I had the image saved. I could move on.

Except I needed to know how wide the image should be so that it would fit on the Warrior Forum Page. I emailed Tiffany to ask and she got back to me with an answer quick as could be. Woah, for someone so super duper busy, that was excellent customer service :)

Got my answer, I could move on.

Next Issue
Tiffany suggests a place that you can upload your image so that it loads fast on the WSO. I tried the plugin that was suggested but the rules seem to have changed for new subscribers, so I had problems getting it to work right. No worries, I bypassed the plugin and went straight to the source.

I got everything I needed, uploaded my image and I was happy.

The Sales Page was ready and My JVZoo/WSO went Live. Yippee.

The Results of My 1st JVZoo / WSO OfferingHow Much Money
I made 18 sales from the main offering – 18 x $5 = $85
I made 4 sales from the OTO – 4 x $6 = $24


Affiliates helped to sell my product. They received $52

My Initial Outgoings
The cost of Tiffany’s course – $10
The fee for the WSO – $20


So for an investment of $30, I made a profit of $27. My main aim was to make enough to cover the cost of the fees and Tiffany’s course, which I did so I am over the moon. I have started with a $27 profit and I hope to see this figure grow as I continue on this journey.

If you are interested in getting your own JVZoo/WSO offering up and running, take a look at Tiffany’s course for step by step guidance.

What’s Next?
Well, this positive result has been a great motivator. I am working on putting together my next article pack. I want to see if I can get into the habit of producing two JVZoo offers per month. Tiffany Lambert keeps saying that we should be building up the content in our PLR stores so that is what I am hoping to do.

Free eBook – Coming Soon
I was making notes as I used Tiffany’s course and I am putting these notes together as a FREE tips sheet. These are a few tips that could help you with your own sales offering. It will be free to download. I will send you the link when I have finished putting it together. Sign up below if you are not already on my list :)

Have Your Say: How did you feel the first time you made money online? Are you working on your own JVZoo / WSO offering? How is it going? I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Image – by Philip Brewer

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