Time to Get Organised and To Focus!

We no longer live in a society where you are expected to have one job for life.  In fact, with the current state of the economy it is wise to figure out different ways in which you can earn a crust.

This is good news for me as I enjoy doing lots of different things but I am a little bit disorganised.

I enjoy writing articles, blogging about films and books, creating niche websites, acting and singing. Phew what a lot of stuff! However if I want to make a success of earning a good amount of money through these different channels then it is time to take things seriously.

This means setting proper goals with clearly thought out targets.  This week I did something about it.

  • I Purchased My Domain Name
  • I Signed Up For A Network Meeting

I Purchased My Domain Name

I enjoy writing for myself and for others so I decided to purchase my domain name (Victoria Virgo) in order to use that website as a central hub for all my online activities.  I have linked my PLR site The PLR Boutique, my personal blog – this one – and my product review site Two Pretty Things.  I still have a few things to figure out with all of these sites but I thought it best to stop procrastinating and to get something done.  I can always amend and tweak each site can’t I?

I Signed Up For A Network Meeting

When I went to the Ideal Home Exhibition a few weeks ago, I was given a brochure about this networking community.  It is called 4Networking and it was created by a man called Brad Burton.  Basically there are breakfast meetings set up all around the country where people get together to meet, introduce themselves and talk about their business and what skills they have to offer.  This meeting provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other people who have set up their own businesses. The strap line for 4Networking is that it is 50% social, 50% business. Setting up a one man operation can be a lonely endeavour and this is another reason that this type of networking has become such a huge success.

I think that this could be a great opportunity to connect with people who require an experienced online content writer and it is a great way to meet other entrepreneurs or solopreneurs in my area.

The year is almost at an end so it is time to start reflecting on what has been acheived in 2011 and to start thinking about New Years Resolutions, Goals and Targets.  There are quite a lot of things that I would like to do so I better start making that list.

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