Travel To Latin America – Should I Take A Travel Bag With Wheels or A Backpack?

I am currently looking at the different types of travel bags that are on offer as I want to make sure that I choose the perfect bag that will not only hold all my precious possessions, but that is also something that suits the way that I hope to travel.

The main choices are between a sturdy travel backpack and a travel bag with wheels.  I already know that I need to ensure that I only travel with the bare essentials.  It is not necessary to take the kitchen sink when you travel as you will either be able to find cheap items to buy at your travel destination or you may find that you actually do not need that extra pair of shoes or that extra jumper.

To Buy or Not To Buy A Backpack For Your Travels

If you choose a rucksack, you can carry your whole world on your back and have both your hands free to hold your guide book or for holding your map.  However this means that you will have this weight on your back constantly and that could be quite a strain.

To Buy or Not To Buy A Travel Bag With Wheels For Your Travels

If you choose to take a travel bag with wheels, you can save your back from the stress or strain.  You will not necessarily look like your regular traveller either.  The disadvantage is if you have to move over uneven terrain or you find yourself having to go up and down countless flights of stairs in train stations, in hostels or apartment buildings.

At the moment I am gearing towards buying a Travel bag with wheels although I have seen some great looking backpacks.  I want something that is compact enough so that it will be accepted as hand luggage on airplanes.  I don’t expect to be changing my location too often so I do not think I will have to much trouble with regards to walking long distances.

So now is the time to start looking online for some great bargains. If you are a traveller or you are about to embark on a trip, what sort of baggage are you taking.  Feel free to have your say.

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