My Trip To Milan, Italy

The Duomo in Milan

The Duomo Cathedral – Central  Milan

I spent a few days in glorious Milan, Italy with a bunch of friends. 3 of us had birthdays in September so thought this would be a good excuse to get together. This was indeed the ideal cheap weekend break. We were a real multi-cultural group:

  • 3 from Japan – 1 lives in London,1 lives in Kosovo with husband,1 lives in Milan
  • 2 from England – 1 lives in London (me!), 1 lives in Oxford
  • 1 from Italy – lives in Rome
  • 1 from Ireland – lives in Paris
  • 1 from Germany – lives in Kosovo with wife

Milan was the chosen destination due to the possibility of free accommodation. The flat was wonderful and was more than enough for us. That’s what you get when you work as a Director for a multi-national company.

There isn’t really that much to see in Milan, which was great as we spent so much time catching up on each others news. We did have a quick scan through a tourist guide book and found 5 things to see in Milan. They were definitely worth doing, especially climbing the steps of the Duomo Cathedral in the centre of town and getting a great view of the city.

Fantastic Food In Milan

I am also happy to say that I achieved the culinary pleasures of eating Italian food in Italy:

  • I had a massive pizza
  • I drank copious amounts of cappuccino. I know it is normally just a morning drink, but, hey, I’m a tourist.
  • I had lasagne – we ate in a touristy spot so this wasn’t very good.
  • I had pasta – this was fantastic, mixed with porcini mushrooms
  • I had panini – this was simple but very filling
  • I ate gelato – this was as smooth as anything. It was freshly made, not exactly cheap but well worth it.

My newly married friends are now on a mission to get us single girls married off so they are on a quest to find us suitable partners in the different European cities. This should be quite amusing. I wish them good luck with that.

This short holiday break was filled with much laughter, eating, drinking and the odd Karaoke session with Playstation Singstar – hilarious. We also learned a new card game called Uno that had us making so much noise, the neighbours complained to the concierge.

The only downer of the whole trip was that my flights to and from Milan were both delayed. That’ll teach me to fly with cheapo Easyjet. The situation was further compounded by the lack of information being passed on to the customers. I will be sending a letter of complaint and see what happens. Other than that, I would definitely recommend a weekend trip to Milan, Italy especially with really good friends.

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