Two New Mini Challenges – Free eBook & Cooking

Free eBook & Cooking Mini Challenges

My new Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meals cookbook arrived via Amazon today. I can’t wait to delve in to see what meals I will be making. This will form one of my mini challenges. I aim to cook something at least once a week and I will report on my results, either here or on my other website.

The other mini challenge is getting my free eBook for this website finally completed. I got most of the work done last month but just didn’t get round to finishing it and uploading it for my subscribers.

I am trying to work on overcoming my procrastination and one way is by setting mini tasks that I feel confident that I can achieve.

Journaling my activiities helps me see that I am completing my goals, step by baby step. So this is what I got done today.

Tasks Completed Today

  • Section One of My Free eBook
  • A Little Extra Promo Work for My Kindle Book

Section One of My Free eBook

I have already written the bulk of this book, which will be free to download for subscribers of this blog. I just need to do the rest of the formatting work so that it can be zipped as a PDF.

I have edited and proof read the first section and added my images (I really do love my images). There are four more short sections so I will work on one each evening, instead of creating a Squidoo lens. That means it should, no, WILL be finished on Sunday.

A Little Extra Promo Work for My Kindle Book

I had a little time while I was at work (ahem) so I added my book link, Savannah Goes to the Theatre, to four more free listing sites.

Not sure if this will help or not but, who knows.

That’s all for today. :)

Have Your Say: Would you say that you were a procrastinator? How do you work through that? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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