Vlogging Challenge – Day 10

This Vlogger Made it to Double Digits!!

So I am now onto my 10th Vlogging video.  I can’t believe it myself.  I am very happy that I have made it thus far.

There are still 20 more videos to go but now I feel a little less anxious about putting myself out there.

Here is what I got up to in the last couple of days.

Tasks Completed

  • Wrote a Post about My 30 Day Squidoo Experience & Earnings
  • Went to My First Spanish Class
  • Added a Little Banner for Squid Pro Quo
  • Day 10 Video

My 30 Day Squidoo Experience & Earnings

I wanted to do a recap and review of the Squidoo lenses I made during the 30 day squidoo lens challenge.

Using Squid Pro Quo, I was able to not only publish those 30 lenses, I also made a little money. Kerching!

CLICK HERE for the blog post

Went to My First Spanish Class

My quest to learn Spanish has begun (again) and my first lesson was fun.  I will write an extended post on the experience as I want to incorporate travel and language related articles in this blog.

There are 11 of us in the class and the teacher is from Majorca, Spain. The first class was a little unorganised as to be expected because we were all strangers with differing levels of Spanish knowledge.  Everyone seemed really nice though so I look forward to class next week. More in another post.

Added Squid Pro Quo Banner to Sidebar

It is time to start earning a little cash from this here blog. So I have added a sidebar add for Squid Pro Quo.

I think it is a great little product that is suitable for all so I am happy to promote it.

This image links to my product review and the image in the sidebar links to the product’s sales page.

Day 10 Video

It’s night time again but I was determined to get this video done and uploaded. So here it is.

 CLICK HERE if you can’t see the video above

That’s me done for today.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday. :)

Have Your Say: Were you able to tick some things off your ‘To Do’ list today? Are you happy about your achievements?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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