Vlogging Challenge – Day 11 & My Surprise Squidoo Sale

A Welcome Sale From Random Squidoo Lens

This is a quickie post and a quickie video about one of the lenses I recently created.

It was the Big Bang Theory Shower Curtain lens.  There is also a short video attached, as part of my 30 day vlogging challenge.

  • My Happy Result from One Squidoo Lens
  • Day 11 Video

My Happy Result from One Squidoo Lens

I was looking for the price of the Big Bang Theory DVDs on Amazon and in the Amazon search box, one of the possible suggestions that came up was Big Bang Theory Shower Curtain.

Strange, I thought but I took a look anyway.  I discovered that the shower curtain that was listed was similar to the one in the appartment shared by Leonard and Sheldon.

I took a quick look at the search criteria, as discribed in the Squid Pro Quo programme and found that there was a small amount of traffic and the other criteria fit well too. So I went ahead and made the lens.

After a few days, I checked the ranking using Rankerace.com. To my surprise, it showed that my lens was in the top 10.  The bad news was that there was no longer any Google Search Traffic. This meant that no-one was looking for this particular product or using this particular keyword.

Forget What The Tools Say  – Surprise Surprise – A Sale!

I was absolutely over the moon when I checked my Amazon affiliate account and found that I had made a sale via this here lens. Someone had actually purchased a periodic table shower curtian. Yeah Me.

The Bottom Line – the keyword tools are great but they are not 100% accurate. Sometimes you have to go with your gut or what makes sense. I had fun making the lens and now I have been rewarded. Start making fun lenses yourself, even if the tools say there isn’t that much traffic.  Data can always be manipulated, sometimes for good, sometimes for not so good.  Happy lens making. :)

My Day 11 Video

This is a little bit of a recap of the above info.

CLICK HERE if you can’t see the video above

Have Your Say: Have you made a surprise sale from any of your Squidoo lenses? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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