Vlogging Challenge – Day 13

The last few days have been a mixture of being busy and not staying focused on my  online work.  The result has been a lack of activity in my online endeavours.

The good news is that work that was done in the past is paying off. I speak of earnings being made via Squidoo lenses and other Amazon affiliate links on an assortment of blogs.

Anyway – back to the title of this blog – here is my latest video.  It is just a catch up really as I sat here thinking, what should I talk about. I nearly decided to leave it all together but I want to see this challenge through.  So here it is.

Click Here if You Can Not See The Video Above

I mention the benefits of using the Squid Pro Quo product guide book when creating Lenses. I checked my Amazon account this morning and found that I had made 13 sales yesterday, just from those 30 lenses. Total for the month so far = 49 sales = Yipee :)

Have Your Say: How are your Squid Pro Quo lenses doing?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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