Vlogging Challenge – Day 14

I have got my next video for the challenge – Hurrah

This video was inspired by a blog/vlog post from Minna at Theory & Profit.   She mentioned that we need to work out what our own level of consistency is with regards to how you work best.

This is such an important  issue because it could be the deciding factor between whether you achieve that feeling of success of that feeling of failure in whatever it is you do, work or life.

Comparing your level of consistency with those around you is unavoidable but it can sometimes be detrimental.

For example,  I wish that I could churn out great posts on a daily basis or build several squidoo lenses per week or create best selling products and Kindle books like some of the bloggers that I follow,  but that just doesn’t work for me.

I end up feeling overwhelmed if I miss a day of whatever I had schedulded, which leads to that feeling of wanting to give up because you feel that you have lost momentum, you are off schedule so what is the point?

Instead I have to keep reminding myself that I am built differently.  I have other skills that others do not have so instead of  beating myself up trying to be something I am not, I should be working on ways to discover where my true talents lie.

Once this has been discovered, my level of consistency should hopefully develop and be at a rate that I can maintain without feeling rushed, pressurised or harried.

Here’s the video

Have Your Say: Do have some idea what your level of consistency is? Are you happy with this or do you see room for improvement? I would love to know.

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