Vlogging Challenge Day 18 – 5 Squidoo Lenses in One Day!

2013 is Well & Truly Here – Hurrah!

I had to work today but it was only for four hours and we get double (or is it triple?) pay so that will be a welcome bonus in my bank account next week.

This is what I got done today

  • Squick Squidoo Challenge
  • Video for Challenge Day 18

Squick Squidoo Challenge

I got home and I attacked Britt’s Squidoo Challenge with a Vengence! I wanted to see if I could get 5 lenses done in one day and in the time that was estimated – around 15 minutes.

The good news – I got the lenses done. Woohoo.

The bad news – They took a lot longer than 15 minutes each.  There are several reasons for this. The first is that I used Squidcrafter to add my Amazon links.  This took longer cos my poor little computer slowed down under the pressure.

Another reason is that I think I am adding more text than Britt advises.  I find it hard to just write one short sentence when 7 can be written. lol.

Another reasons for the time lag is that some of  the products  and Youtube videos are actually interesting and I end up reading or watching more than I should.

Anyway – the lenses are now done for today and they are as follows:

Canopy Bed Curtains

Portable Toddler Bed Rail

Baby Doll Stroller

Baby Doll Double Stroller

Bed with Slide

I would be so grateful if you could visit these lenses and give them some Lenses/facebook/google+ love.

Video for Vlogging Challenge Day 18

I wasn’t in the mood to get in front of the camera this evening so this video has been created one day late but I did get up extra early to get it done. lol.  Here it is.

Have Your Say: How has the first day of the year been for you? Did you have a day off or did you hit the ground running with your New Years plans? I would love to know in the comments below.

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