Vlogging Challenge Day 23 – Weekly Round Up Post

How Did This Procrastinator Fare This Week?

This is a little round up of what I was able to get done this week.  I am pretty happy with the way things went.

I was able to make a list of what I wanted to get done and, though I missed a couple of things, I was able to put a big tick next to the major tasks.

I hope that I am able to keep up the momentum because it really does feel good when things go according to plan.  This has been helped by seeing what others have been able to achieve and what they are willing to do in order to reach their goals. Here is my progress report for this week.

  • What I Have Accomplished This Week
  • Video for Vlogging Challenge Day 23
  • Amanda’s Squidoo Challenge

What I have Accomplished This Week

  • 7 Vlogging Challenge Videos
  • 25 Squick Squidoo Lenses
  • 1 Product Review Post – Squick Money 15 Minute Squidoo System
  • 1 Blog Post for Two Pretty Things
  • Set up New Website – more about this in a later post
  • 1 Squidoo Lens for Amanda’s Squidoo Challenge

Video for Vlogging Challenge Day 23

Here is the latest video for the challenge.  I am getting there.  I can see the finishing line out there on the horizon.  Some people would do a take two instead of posting this video.  I was tired. This is what you get when someone is tired  :)

Amanda’s Squidoo Challenge

Amanda at Squidspro.com is holding a challenge where she has asked people to create one Squidoo lens per week.  I have just finished my new lens.

It is all about Leg Warmers for Women. I will be slowing down on my Squidoo lens creation but this challenge will help motivate me to continue, as well as engage with more people in this wonderful online community.

Have Your Say: How was your week? Are you happy with what you got done?  Let me know.

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