Vlogging Challenge Day 26 – I Made Squick Squidoo Sale!

My First Sale from a Squick Squidoo Lens!

Today is a day for a mni celebration. I made a sale from one of my Squick Squido lenses!

Actually the sale was made yesterday and the product has now been dispatched.

I am keeping an eye on the ranking for the lenses I made using Britt Malka’s Squick Squidoo System and will write a follow up post in a few weeks time.  It is always great to see success, however small because it proves that when you choose to take action, you can get positive results.

The lens that recorded the sale?  It was for the Roller Skate Cookie Cutter.

Today’s Video for Day Twenty Six

That’s all for today.  Still have the next section of my kindle book to type up :)

Have Your Say: Have you had any mini successes today that you would like to share?  I would love to hear about it.

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