Vlogging Challenge Day 27 – Spanish Lessons Have Started

First Spanish Class of 2013

This week everything has gone back to normal after the holidays.  Children are back at school, people are back and work and my Spanish class has resumed.

I was a little worried because I thought that the teacher would spend too much time speaking English.  Today we worked on a litle bit of grammar and she tried to speak mostly in just Spanish.

This is what I need.  Grammar is important but I already have the basics.  Actually hearing an authentic Spanish speaker converse is more important at the moment.

Kindle Book Work & PLR Website

Today I got my kindle book task done. I typed up the next section of my little diary, which I hope will be of interest to others.

I am still waiting to hear from the support team with regards to the technical problem I am having with my PLR website.

Vlogging Challenge Video for Day 27

Here is today’s video.  I taped it before I headed out for my class.


Have Your Say:  Have you had to deal with any set backs in your online work?  Did it have an adverse effect on your productivity and motivation?  I would love to know your thought on this.

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