Vlogging Challenge Day 30 – I Made it To The End!!

I Completed The 30 Day Vlogging Challenge!

Before I get to talking about the challenge, here is a quick round up of what I got done this week.

  • I have typed up my next kindle book, ready for editing
  • I published a Squidoo Lens called I Want To Change My Life
  • I evaluated my PLR Store
  • I have outsourced some articles for my PLR store
  • I taped 7 videos for the Vlogging Challenge

My Thoughts on The End of This 30 Day Vlogging Challenge

I am soooo happy.  I can not believe it.  I actually achieved, what I thought was impossible.  I have made video No.30 for my 30 Day Vlogging Challenge.

Here it is – I would say that my real world personality has finally been set free.  :)

Well, if you have been following my progress, I am sure that you would agree that I have certainly come a long way.  There were a few bumps in the road.  The first few videos, I didn’t even show my face.  Far too, no shy, but self concious for that.  Then the next few, I stumbled and mumbled my way through, scared half to death.

Then I caught a cold and lost my voice.  Once I missed a couple of days, it was difficult to build up that courage again, especially when I felt that I was being left behind by all my fellow challengers.  But some-one mentioned that this challenge wasn’t about going straight through the 30 days non-stop.  You could go at your own pace, as long as you continued sitting in front of that camera.  So I got back on that horse, faced my (non-existent) demons and got the next one done.

The final phase actually saw me recording a video in my pajamas, cos I was getting ready for bed and hadn’t done it yet.  But I knew it had to get done.

And now here I am on Video No.30.  I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed this challenge.  I have gotten to know more people through their own videos.  People have popped over to view mine and have left lovely comments too.

I know that I will definitely be making more videos in the future.  This is a powerful tool that can not be ignored.

Thank you all out there for your support and for watching.  I’ll see you in the next video.  :)

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