Vlogging Challenge – Day 4

 A Fantastic Lie-in

Today was my day off and I caught up on some much needed sleep. The only down side of a day off is that I tend to waste time. I could have got all my online tasks completed within a couple of hours.

Instead this has stretched out over the whole darn day.

Oh well, I have done everything now, finally.  Here is my little summary.

Tasks Completed Today

  • A New Squidoo Lens Created
  • Updated 2 Old Squidoo Lenses
  • Day 4 Video

A New Squidoo Lens Created

I added a new post to my toy website and decided to use the same keyword for my next Squidoo lens.

This is for people looking to buy a Disney Princess Sleeping Bag.

It had all the necessary criteria as laid out in Erica Stone’s Squid Pro Quo guide book so I hope it will find its way to the top of the Google search engine results.

Updated 2 Old Squidoo Lenses

I have quite a few Squidoo lenses that need updating. These were made around 3 years ago when I didn’t really know what I was doing.  They are currently classified as being “works in progress”. Today I updated two of these lenses.

They were the Twilight Collection and the Electric Griddle lenses. I used the Squid Pro Quo method on both.

Day 4 Video

There is still a static problem occuring so the video will sound a little distorted.  I tried adding an external mic but this just resulted in squeaks and a high pitched trilling sound coming out of the computer.

I made the video anyway and hope to work out the problem in good time.  I am really enjoying the challenge and visiting other bloggers with their video posts.

Here is Day Four’s Video:

 CLICK HERE if you can’t see the video above

Have Your Say: Was Saturday a day off for you, workwise? I hope you had a good one.  Feel free to leave a comment below.

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