Vlogging Challenge – Day 5

Mondays Are Never Easy

The working day felt really long today. Maybe it was because it was the first day of the fresh new week.

I don’t know but I was definitely very happy to finish and make my way home.

Here is what I got done today.

Tasks Completed Today

  • A New Squidoo Lens Published
  • A New Blog Post Drafted
  • Day 5 Vlog Video Uploaded

A New Squidoo Lens Published

Today’s fresh new lens is for a kitchen utensil.  This is for the ultra versatile and very inexpensive Speed Peeler.

I was actually given one as a Secret Santa gift and it is still working perfectly over 7 years later.  Definitely a great piece of kitchen kit.

A New Blog Post Drafted

I have drafted a review post for the book Julie & Julia – My Year of Cooking Dangerously. I just need to proof read it then get it uploaded to my other website.

It was fun to write and I will add a shorter version to the Amazon customer feedback section too.

Day 5 Vlog Video

Here is the next video in the series.  Still have the static problems as I haven’t had time to invesigate. Oh well……

Oh and how many times do I say “day” “today” lol.  This was a one take video as you will no doubt realise by the babbling at the end. Enjoy. :)

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 CLICK HERE if you can’t see the video

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