Vlogging Challenge – Day 6

Internet Takes The Day off at My House

This blog post and video blog is a little delayed because I had internet problems again.

It was working fine yesterday morning but as the day progressed, my computer froze and a message said that the internet connection could no longer be detected.  Very confusing and very annoying.  Thank god I was saving my work as I went along so I didn’t lose anything.

Onwards and upwards.  Here is a mixture of what I did yesterday and today.

Tasks Completed Today (& Yesterday)

  • New Squidoo Lens Uploaded
  • My Book Review Has been Published
  • New Post Added to My Toy Website
  • Day 6 Video Uploaded

New Squidoo Lens Published

I am currently working on kitchen related items. Today’s lens is about the humble Lemon Peeler.

When I looked at the search results a mixture of peelers and lemon zesters came up. So I combined the two in one lens. Who knows what people are really searching for eh?

My Book Review Has Been Published

I finally uploaded the post for my Julie & Julie book review.  It is on my other website, Two Pretty Things.com.  Take a look at let me know what you think. Here is the link :

Julie & Julia – My Year of Cooking Dangerously – Book Review

I also added an abridged version to the Amazon.co.uk  customer feedback section.

New Post Added to My Toy Website

This post is about the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012.

I think this was a PLR article that I uploaded ages ago but didn’t publish. So now I have. Done.

Day 6 Video – Surprise Surprise!

Here’s is today’s video for you and there is a little bit of a surprise. Let me what you think.


CLICK HERE if you can’t see the video above

Have Your Say: So, what did you think? oh my lord, well my face is well and truly out there. lol. :)

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