I Watched Johny Depp in Alice In Wonderland For A Pound

I Saw Alice In Wonderland 3D Movie For £1.00

I signed up with a company called My City Deal which offers cheap tickets for lots of different types of things.  On this particular occasion, they offered cinema tickets for £1 each.  I immediately signed up with them and I got to see the 3d version of the new movie Alice in Wonderland with my sister in the centre of London for a fantastically cheap price.

It was a good film but not as great as everyone kept saying it was.  I love Johnny Depp and I thought that he, Helena Bonham Carter and the girl who played Alice, Mia Wasikowska, were really good but it wasn’t a film that I would rush out to see. It was definitely great to get the £1 deal so I would recommend registering with My City Deal for future offers.

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