Week Five Round Up – A New Month Already?

My Daily Cuppa - Week Five Round UpSo we are now into the second month of the year and here is my round up for Week Five.

So far so good. I am taking things slowly, trying to get things back on track. Although it does feel like time just seems to disappear.

Oh well, here is a round up of what I was up to over the last week.

What I Got Done

I was very pleased to get a new PLR article pack written and published on to my PLR site. It is a Weight Loss and Exercise PLR pack and consists of 5 articles. If you are looking for content to add to your health related website, take a look and see if these articles can be of any use to you.

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A Placed Called Here by Cecelia AhernI finished reading a book called A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern. She is an Irish writer and one of her books was made into a movie; PS I Love You, which starred Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank.  (The book has a different title in the US. It is called There is No Place Like Here.)

This book was about a young girl who tended to get obsessed whenever she lost things. When she gets older, she makes a career out of finding lost people. In the book, she has an accident and wakes up in a place where all lost things can be found. It is a sort of other worldly book but I found the storyline really fascinating.

The writing style was great and I was really interested in getting to know the character and how things turned out in the end. I would definitely recommend this book. I also think that it would make for a really interesting movie.

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Other Stuff – Time To Get Fit
I am interested in getting fit and healthy so I have started taking a couple of dance classes. I started this at the beginning of the year and hope to keep up the momentum. I attend a weekly Zumba class and a weekly salsa class. I am loving both lessons. They are a real workout which leaves me feeling completely knackered but happy about the calories I am burning.

I have also started getting on my exercise bike. At the beginning of the year I started out doing 10 minutes each day from Monday to Friday. Now I am up to 17 minutes each day. The goal is to get to 20 minutes.

I find it extremely difficult to drag myself out of bed to get this exercise done. Once I am on the bike, which is in the living room, I am fine but getting there can take anywhere between 5 minutes up to half an hour!

Oh well, at least I do managed to get there in the end and that is the main point right?

Coming Up – Charity Work & Micro-blogging
Charity Work
I mentioned in a previous post that I am interested in doing some volunteer work with a children’s company. Well I have to attend an induction meeting this week in order to find out more about the company and the type of volunteers they need. As soon as I do this and my background check is completely, I will be able to offer my services to the company. I am looking forward to this because it is a great way to give back to the community.

I will be writing more micro-posts for Bubblews. It is still fun and I recently received payment from them into my Paypal account :)

Have Your Say: How are things going for you? Are you happy with the things that you have achieved so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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