Weekly Roundup and How I Inspired a Friend!

Welcome to Another Weekly Roundup on MDC

First I want to update you on my High Five Moments this week:

  • I Published a new squidoo lens
  • I edited my articles for my PLR site
  • I added 2 new posts to my Two Pretty Thnigs site
  • I inspired a friend to take action
  • I did my video vlog thing

My Squidoo Lens

Simple LivingThis week I was thinking about all the stuff I have and what I need to get rid of. This inspired my squidoo lens.  It is Declutter Your Life and Home.

I have taken baby steps with my decluttering. I have emptied my chest of drawers, removing items that no longer fit or that are torn.

I have also tidied up the ridiculous amount of paper debris that always seems to end up on the floor next to my bed.  I write countless notes to myself and have my books and notepads nearby.

It is a constant task to keep the paper monster at bay. lol.

The Articles for My PLR Site

Writing IdeasI now have all my articles together and today I edited them all.  I actually had this task down for Wednesday but I let the fear of failure grip me.  I kept thinking, what if no-one buys these articles? What if I am just wasting my time? What if I am no good at running a PLR website?

All those thoughts stopped me for doing the work.  I am happy to say that I was still productive and managed to write and publish two other blog posts. However it was a worry.  What if I couldn’t get over this fear?

Thankfully, I woke up on Saturday with vim and vigour and a sense of conviction.  I decided that I needed to work on getting my PLR store in order for me.  Perhaps people will not buy but how will I know if I don’t even try?  There are only two options:

  1. It works and I make money
  2. It doesn’t work and I can then evaluate what I need to do next?

It is difficult to stop yourself from creating problems and barriers that may even materialise.  The one thought that also helped was “PLR is not a life or death situation – No-one will be injured if it isn’t 100% perfect.  lol.

My 2 New Posts on My Other Website

So here are the links to the posts I wrote when I should have been working on my PLR store.

I Inspired a Friend to Take Action

Inspire by ExampleSometimes it is the action that you take that helps others to make their own life changes.  I met up with a dear friend of mine and I was so excited to tell her about this being “My Year of Doing”, all the things I wanted to achieve and the things that I had already achieved.

She was so happy with my positive outlook for 2013, that she told me about a couple of things that she would like to change.  Just letting her know about my own situation enabled her to feel that what she wanted to do was actually possible. This made me feel wonderful.  I told her that I would check up on her to make sure she followed through on her own mini “to do” list.

That is one of the reasons why I am writing down my own list of accomplishments right here.  If at least one person can get inspired by seeing what I, a real life procrastinator, can achieve, then it is definitely worth it.

My Weekly Roundup Video

I got it done. I am trying to spread a little positivity and motivation with this vlog.  Here goes :)

Have Your Say: Have you had a productive week? I would love you to share your own “High Five” moments in the comments section below.

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