Weekly Roundup and My New 30 Day List Building Challenge

This week was filled with thinking about the new 30 Day List Building Challenge that Tiffany Dow is spearheading.

The aim of this challenge is to, well, build a list.  I am looking forward to seeing what I learn from this task as well as interacting with the members of Tiff’s wonderful community.

Here is a brief summary of the stuff I got done this week.

Tasks Completed This Week

  • Weekly Vlog Uploaded
  • Worked on PLR Business
  • 2 Squidoo Lenses Published
  • Prep Work for New 30 Day Challenge

Weekly Vlog Uploaded
Here is quick roundup of this week’s activities.

Worked on PLR Business
This week’s articles are a Dating  Tips PLR  pack. I  wrote a blog post for The PLR Boutique for the article pack and sent the info to my list.

I have updated the case study I am writing about building my PLR business, which I will go into more in a later post.

2 Squidoo Lenses Published
The first lens was about Red Palm Oil and its benefits.  I was trying to remember how I arrived that at this keyword but I have completely forgotten.

Anyway, apart from the cooking benefits of using this vegetabel oil, there are some really interesting health benefits that have been associated with using this product.

The second lens is about Loma Linda Big Franks.  These are meat free sausages.  I found this an interesting topic because I had never heard of this product.

The only meat free range that I know of is the Linda McCartney product line.  Loma Linda seems to be a good seller on Amazon so I created the lens.

Prep Work for New 30 Day Challenge
As I mentioned before, Tiffany Dow has issued a new 30 Day Challenge.  This is a list building task where we will be working hard to create interesting and valuable blog posts for 30 days.

The prep work that I have done includes brainstorming blog post ideas and thinking out how I am going to get this task done.

Freebies for Your List
Part of the challenge is to also create freebies for our lists to enjoy. I have been thinking of what would be of value that I could offer. I have a couple of ideas which I hope work out.

My New Email Marketing Software
I have finally sucumbed and have invested and installed Aweber.  I know that this is the very popular software of choice but I had been resisting because of the cost.  I have signed up for the 30 day $1 trial offer.

In order to pay for the following monthly $19 charge, I will use the earnings made from my Squidoo lenses and will see this as reinvesting in my online business.

Click Here if you would like to sign up for Aweber’s $1 30 Day Trial.

My Hopes for This Challenge 
I always like a challenge because it helps to keep me motivated on the task a hand, which is to provide fun info, engage with others and to ultimately make money online. If you want to join the challenge, you can.

All you have to do is head over to Tiffany’s blog and get stuck in.  This is a very infomal sort of thing so if you fall behind, you don’t have to feel like you are failing.  You can work at your own pace, as long as you work until you get to the 30th day.

That’s it for now.  Let the challenge begin. :)

Have Your Say:  Are you taking part in the challenge?  Have you done your prep work?  Share your thoughts below.

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