Weekly Roundup – Finding The Balance Between Online Work & Fun

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I am still working on that balance between doing the stuff that I enjoy and doing the stuff that will provide an online income.

It is easy to get carried away with the fun stuff but it is important for me to remember that I would like to, at some point, replace the job with my online earnings.

As you will see below, the things I got done this week are a mixture of money making tasks and fun stuff that could make money in the distant future.  We shall see.

Tasks I Completed This Week

  • Uploaded This Week’s Video
  • Worked on My PLR Business
  • Wrote Two New Squidoo Lenses
  • Updated WIP Lenses
  • Created a Blog Post and Slideshow for My Other Website
  • Changed My Warrior Forum Avatar to a Real Photo

Uploaded This Week’s Video

I have a stupid cold again.  My immune system is so rubbish, it is very annoying.  Here I am, sniffles and all.

Worked on My PLR Business

This week I sent out a couple of emails to my list with my special offer and PLR packs that other PLR providers has just put on sale.  I also created a 3 question survey in order to find out exactly what type of articles people are looking for.

Unfortunately no-one responded to the survey so I have to make an educated guess about the  topics I think are popular.

I decided on what my next batch of articles are to be and have outsourced this work.

I have put together a spreadsheet so that I can see my progress at a glance and work out what strategies work and which do not.

Wrote Two New Squidoo Lenses

The first lens was based on the keyword research I had done previously and is for a Clear Makeup Organizer.  I was fascinated by the amount of makeup some people have.  When I went to look for a suitable Youtube video, I was distracted for over an hour, looking at the varied collections that women owned and how long their makeup routine took.

I just about manage to moisturise my face and add a lip balm and that is me done. Yes, I am very lazy.  Only if I am going somewhere special, will I make that little extra effort. Anyway, those videos were very illuminating.

The second lens is for a Storkcraft Glider and Ottoman.  I watched a video where the guy said that if you want to make good commissions you need to pick high priced items.

Simply choose an Amazon department, look for high priced items that have lots of stars and comments and create your article.

That’s what I did and this is the result.

Updated WIP Lenses

I had 21 squidoo lenses in the WIP (work in progress) category.  This means that they are published but they can only  be found if you actually click on the  link.  They do not show up in Google’s search engine results or Squidoo either, I believe.

These lenses were made back in the day when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. They were created as a place to put backlinks to my niche websites and other web 2.0 articles.

Looking at them, the majority didn’t have enough modules, tags and were not assigned to any subject area.  Knowing that the process of editing would take long, I kept putting this task off.  Then I realised that these lenses had the potential to make a little money but not if they remained unpublished. So I went through each one.  It did take a long time but they are all out of the red and I hope to see a couple of them rise up the rankings soon.

I Created a  Post & Slideshow for My Other Website

I wrote a post about My Trip to Bremen, Germany for my other website, Part Time Travels.  I really enjoyed putting this post together.  I had a really good time and this is like my online diary.

I put the slideshow together for two reasons. One, it was a great way to show off a collection of photos and two, I hope to create actual videos when I am away and this is a great starting point.

I haven’t got a video camera yet so the slideshow is the next best option.

I Changed My Warrior Forum Avatar To a Real Photo

I love reading and learning from other bloggers and one thing Tiffany Dow mentioned is that if you want to succeed and make valuable connections with people, you have to let people know who you are.  A simple way to do this is to use your real name and use a real photo.

So I headed on over to the Warrior Forum and changed my Avatar.  The next thing I need to do is to take part in the conversations there.  I used to be more active but there were less topics that interested me so I didn’t visit as often.

It is time to get back in there and get involved.  This is also important if you want to advertise your services.  People are more likely to try something you offer, if they feel you are trustworthy.

That’s What I Got Done This Week

I hope you had a good week yourself.  Next week I hope to work on my kindle book but we shall see.

I also wanted to add a shout out to Steve Bedford for pointing me in the direction  of a great place to find free photos.  Basically the website gathers together all the free images available so you do not have to figure out which are available for use and which are not.

I forgot to mention Bonnie Gean in the video! Thank you for your post on the legal pages we need on our sites.  I got to work and have added them here and on the travel website. Still have to do the others but I have made a start. Thanks Bonnie. :)

Have Your Say: Have you had a productive week? Do you get distracted by things that are great but will not increase your online earnings?  Share your thoughts below.

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