Weekly Roundup Vlog – Ex Procrastinator in the Making Here!

Weekly Roundup - 8The second week of the 30 Day List Building & Blogging Challenge is over and I have visited some amazing websites, some blogs that I might not have discovered if it hadn’t been for this task.

I am also picking up some great tips just by having a nose around these different sites to see how people have set up their online homes.  It has been really fun.

This challenge had made me really truly believe that I am an Ex-Procrastinator in the making as I am not just thinking about what I want to do and what I should or could do, I am getting it done.

What I Got Done This Week

  • I uploaded this weekend’s video vlog
  • I published 5 posts on this blog
  • I sent out my email gift
  • I published 2 squidoo lenses
  • I published a new PLR pack

Today’s Video

Here it is with a shout out to Debi J, Tiffany Dow  and also a message for Bonnie Gean :)

I Published 5 Posts on this BlogAll About Kindle

This week’s main theme was about making money with Kindle.  Here are the post titles for anyone who missed them:

I also realised that I could mention my PLR product offering on this blog since it is all about how I make money online.  So I added an extra post:

I Sent Out My Email Gift

FreebieI offered two things this week. One was the opportunity two download to of my Kindle books for free and the other was to find out how much I am making with kindle.

I am happy that I was able to get this done as I failed to produce the goods last week.

If you are interested in my kindle numbers, then sign up to my list as I will be sending an update out later during this challenge.

I Published 2 Squidoo LensesWhat Should I Wear To A Wedding

I am still aiming to stick to my weekly quota of two lenses per week.  I got the second one done this morning.  The first lens is called What Should I Wear to A Wedding.

This was relevant for me as I was invited to a wedding and had absolutely nothing appropriate.  It was fun putting this lens together.

Work Bags for WomenThis morning’s efforts was about Work Bags for Women.

My poor little bag is just overloaded with stuff so it was time to trade it in for a slicker and more grown up model.

This was another fun lens to create and it made me want to go shopping – Oh, wait – I did go shopping.  A new bag is being shipped as I write this :)

I Published a New PLR Pack

I am so happy to have regained the enthusiam and motivation to work on my site The PLR Boutique.  I got the new PLR pack uploaded and sent out my email to my list.

I am now thinking of ways in which to create a better relationship with the people on that list so that they are not just anonymous buyers but individuals with specific needs, which I hope to be able to cater to.

Week Two of the 30 Day Blogging & List Building Challenge Completed

So that’s what I got done this week. I wanted to get to editing my next kindle book but there isn’t enough time at the moment, so that will have to wait until the challenge is over.  I am not sure what next week’s theme will be but I am looking forward to writing more blog posts to share with you.  Oh, and I have to think about that freebie too…..

Happy Birthday Bonnie :)

Have Your Say:  Are you happy with what you got done? Do you feel you have learned something new over the last few days.  I would love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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