Weekly Roundup Vlog – Exciting Mini Money Making Challenges Ahead

Weekly Roundup - 10We have come to the end of Week Four of the 30 Day List Building & Blogging Challenge and I feel FAB!

This week has been a fantastic one online and offline.  Online – I got some lovely feedback on this week’s blog posts and I received a wonderful email that made me grin from ear to ear :)

Offline – One of my passions is singing and I finally arranged to have a singing lesson, which was amazing.  I am going to sing at an Open Mic night soon – there I have put it out there so now I have to do it. (Yikes)

I also met up with a bunch of really great friends who I used to work with. We had an amazing dinner and it was just great to reconnect.

OK, back to the online stuff and this is what got done over the last few days

This Weeks Accomplishments

  • Uploaded Today’s Video
  • Wrote and Published 5 Blog Posts
  • Added a 30 Day Challenge Summary Page
  • One Squidoo Lens Published
  • Thoughts, Reflection and Exciting Mini Money Making Challenges Ahead

Today’s Video

Here is today’s offering for ya. I have included a short story about good customer service.  Watch and enjoy :)

5 Blog Posts PublishedWelcome to my blog

This week’s theme was all about ways to improve your website so that visitors enjoy the time they spend on your posts.

I enjoyed writing these posts and was very happy with the feedback they received. Here’s a recap:

Added a 30 Day Challenge Summary Page

I saw other people collate their challenge posts on one page and I thought that was a really good idea so I followed suit.

I hope to add a nice little summary about my traffic results, my suscriber count and what I felt I learned and gained from this whole experience.

Click Here for My 30 Day List building and Blogging Challenge Collection

One Squidoo Lens PublishedForties Style Dresses

This lens was about Forties and Fifties Style Dresses. I think that I have determined the style that suits me and this is what led to the idea of putting this lens together.

I got a little bit confused between what dresses were actually defined as 1940s and 1950s style so ended up with a mixture. Hope I don’t get in trouble with the style police.

My Reaction to The Recent Squidoo Rules Updates & Changes

Squidoo have been moving the goalposts with regards to the type of lenses they want to see published.  This means that a lot of people will receive notification to improve on particular lenses and even have some of their lenses locked.  I received notification to update 7 of my lenses so far and spent this morning working on them.

I am coming to the realisation that lens creation will not be such a prominent part of my money making journey.  I do not want to work on something then have to jump through hoops to get it accepted.  I might as well use that time to work on articles for my own websites.

So I will still be creating the odd Squidoo lens here and there, particularly when it is about something that doesn’t fit with the topics of my own blogs.

This is actually a good wake up call and a reminder of how important it is to work on your own stuff so that you have complete control over it and you are not at the whim of some other boss, or search engine or whatever.

Thoughts, Reflections & Exciting Mini Money Making Challenges AheadExciting Money Making Challenges Ahead

I have a few ideas flying around my head with regards to how I want to proceed with this money making journey.  I love that this blogging challenge has fired up my imagination and I hope that it has done the same for you.

At the moment I have thoughts about the small things that I can do in order to make money online but I know that my big idea is gonna reveal itself to me very soon.

We should all be thinking about ways in which we can take all the things we know and have learned onto the next level so that we can better ourselves and provide the best service and experience to others.

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