Weekly Roundup Vlog – Fully Rested and Ready to Take Action!

Weekly Roundup - 33I have just returned from a glorious holiday in Portugal. I spent the week in a little town with a group of really good friends. We were able to catch up, relax on the beach every day and just enjoy each others company.

It is so important to take time out from your busy schedule and this holiday has helped to invigorate me and motivate me to make the last few months of this year my most successful ever :)

I have plans coming out of my ears about what I want to do and how I want to watch my online career grow so that I can make money doing the things that I love and then spend the money on the things I really enjoy, like taking holidays, buying books and working when I want to.

If you are looking for the same things then let’s go on this journey of discovery together and celebrate our success in style!

OK, enough talk about our future lives, let’s look at what I got done this week.

What I Accomplished This Week

  • Recorded & uploaded this week’s video
  • Wrote a Short Report
  • Prep work for 7 Day List Building Challenge

I Recorded & Uploaded This Week’s Video
I really enjoy putting these little videos together. I am getting a lot more comfortable in front of the camera. I stumble over a few words but I didn’t edit them out. I kept right on going. I hope you enjoying watching :)

YouTube Preview Image

I Wrote a Short Report
Writing a Short ReportI was inspired by several things; emails that I received, podcasts that I listened to and a short report that I recently purchased.

I wanted to see if I could sit down and write a report. I was very surprised to find that the words came together quite quickly. The information is based on the things that I am doing in part of my online business. It is stuff that I know so I just put it down on paper and ended up with around 15 pages of content.

The report is almost finished. I just have to go back and add some hyperlinks on the Resources Page, give it another read through and then it will be ready to put up for sale. Yikes – that’s scary. I have put kindle books up for sale but not an info-product.

I am so excited about setting up the sales page for this product. I might need to ask people with more knowledge than me how to do all that. Bonnie Gean, I’m talking about you girl 😉 This report should hopefully be available in a couple of weeks time. Look out for that.

I Did Prep Work for The 7 Day List Building Challenge
7-Day List Building ChallengeFrom tomorrow, Monday, until next Sunday, I am holding a list building challenge. This is a little thing I put together in order to work on adding new subscribers to my list. It is so much nicer to work as part of a group so I thought I would share this activity with those who are interested.

I have set out a daily task and these will be delivered to you by email each morning. Some of these emails are a little long.  I think  it might take longer to read the email than to get task done – lol. But it was hard to know what to include and what to leave out. It’s all a learning curve here.

To Join, just add your name and email address in the sign up box at the end of this post.

I Need Your Feedback
As well as working on building our lists, this is an exercise in course creation for me. I want to see if this is the sort of thing that people would be interested in receiving. Would you be willing to pay for something like this if it was put together as an ebook or an email course as opposed to a challenge? I like the word challenge because it is so actionable but I know that isn’t  really the right term to use if you want to sell products.

I need your feedback on whether you would pay for the daily information you will be receiving. If the response is a positive one, and if this challenge goes well, I will definitely start thinking of other types of challenges and email courses I could put together.

So Feedback Please
Let me know your thoughts by replying to the emails or leaving a comment on the blog. Feedback will help me to know whether I am going in the right direction and whether I am providing information that people can really put to use.

The 7 Day List Building Challenge Begins
The challenge starts on Monday 9 September 2013. If you want in, add your email address in the box at the bottom of this post and you will get the 7 daily emails.

I am so excited about this challenge. I don’t know if it will result in adding new subscribers but we have to keeping trying new things so that we know for sure, right? :) :) :)

Have Your Say:  What has been the highlight of the week for you? Did you get your online tasks done? Will you be taking part in this challenge? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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