Weekly Roundup Vlog – Getting Stuck Into A New Challenge

Weekly Roundup - 18This week saw the start of the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge. I hope to do very well in this one and am feeling very optimistic.

If you are wondering if you should take part, I would definitely recommend you do so.  You can jump in at any time and you can choose to create whatever product you like.

There are no firm and fast rules, as this is just a way for you to take action while getting that much needed support and motivation for a really nice community.

Back to this past weeks accomplishments and this is what I was able to get done.

What I Got Done

  • Recorded and uploaded this week’s video
  • Wrote 4 posts for this blog
  • Wrote 1 post for my PLR site
  • Started Work on the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge

I Recorded and Uploaded This Week’s Video
Here it is. Enjoy :)

I Wrote 4 Posts for This Blog
The 3 posts a week schedule is still working out. I even managed to add an extra post to promote the new article pack that I put up for sale on my PLR site.

Here are the links in case you missed this weeks scribblings:

I Wrote A Post for My PLR Site
I finally added a new article pack to my PLR site. The articles are about taking a luxury cruise ship vacation. The topic was suggested by someone on my list. Here’s the link if you are in need for travel related content for your own website:

I Started Work on The 90 Day Product Creation Challenge
The 90 Day Product Creation ChallengeI have so many ideas floating around in my head and I have filled lots of pages with rough notes, research, possible headings and such.

I have to remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I am sure that there are others out there who are worried that things are not progressing as quickly as they had hoped. Some people already have their products ready or a concrete idea, while others are still working out what they can offer to the marketplace.

My ideas keep changing with each new piece of information I discover. It is fun but can be a little overwhelming. At the moment I am learning towards a product idea that is based on something that I love to do. I am not an expert at all.

I am someone who likes to learn by doing and I think that’s what my product is going to be. At first I had intended on creating an ebook but this could expand into something a lot more substantial. More will be revealed in follow up posts 😉

Do You Need Help With Your Product Creation?
If you are looking for some help and guidance, I would absolutely recommend that you head on over to Bonnie Gean’s Blog. She is providing fantastic lessons in how to go about creating a product. Go watch her videos and I am sure you will feel inspired.

In Closing
So that was the week that was. I have a rough idea of what I want to get done this week and I am excited with the things coming up. I hope you had a great week of accomplishments and I would love you to share your experiences with me.

Have Your Say: Are you involved with the 90 Day Challenge or the Facebook Fan Page Challenge? How has it been going for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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