Weekly Roundup Vlog – How a Little Success Can Lead To Great Motivation

Weekly Roundup - 30As Hannibal from the A Team used to say every week, “I love it when a plan comes together”. This is how I feel about this weeks online endeavours. I have been able set tasks for myself and I have met most of those goals.

It is lovely when you can feel happy with what you have accomplished. The long term goal of creating a full time income from doing my own stuff might still be way off in the distance, but creating and hitting mini milestones along the way helps you to know that you are doing something right and you are heading in the right direction.

That’s how I felt this week. OK, let’s get to what I got up to.

What I Got Done

  • Recorded and uploaded this week’s video
  • Wrote 7 articles
  • Published 2 posts for this blog
  • Added 2 posts to Halloween site
  • Created a Halloween facebook page
  • Created 2 slideshows

Recorded & Uploaded This Week’s Video
I made sure that I had the time to get this done on the day of publication, which didn’t quite happen last week.  Here it is in all its glory. A special shout out to Patti Stafford and to Bonnie Gean.  Enjoy :)

YouTube Preview Image

I Wrote 7 Articles
Busy with the Article Writing ChallengeThe 30 Day Article Writing Challenge over at the Warrior Forum continues on and I was able to stay on track. I wrote an article each day. I have added one to Ezine Articles, one to another website and the rest are waiting in the wings ready to be put to work.

I am over the moon that I have been able to stick to this. At the moment I have 18 new pieces of writing which will all help to let the world know about me and about the products that I am selling. There are 12 more days to go so if you want to get 12 articles written, why not join join the challenge right now.

Click Here for The Article Writing Challenge Thread

I Published 2 Posts for This Blog
A little bit of happy news can make you feel amazing. This is what happened to me when I received notification of a PLR sale a few days ago. It was just the pick me up I needed while I was sitting at work, wondering when things were gonna change. This great feeling was the inspiration for post I wrote.

I Created 2 Slideshows
I am trying to use as many different methods to spread my content around the interwebs. I decided to create some slide shows. This is easily done. You just put together a power point presentation, save it as a PDF and upload it to a slideshow website like Slideshare.net.

I have created two slide shows to go with my Halloween posts. They have been published so I can either create new posts for them or add them to another site, like Hubpages or Squidoo. I will not be spending too much time on these type of sites though.

I Added 2 Posts To My Halloween Site
Halloween Bonanza Guide by Erica StoneI am slowly working on my holiday site and have now added two posts. I need to get to work and get more added otherwise I will be too late to cash in on this holiday season.

Some great news is that Erica Stone has just released a new Halloween Bonanza  Guide where she has done all the research work for you. She has uncovered lesser known keyword phrases that the big companies are not ranking for.

I have purchased two of Erica’s products before and they both made me money so I know that her stuff works and she provides excellent value for money. If you have a Halloween site, then take a look at her offer. It’s on a dime sale at the Warrior Forum.

Click Here for More Info on The Halloween Bonanza Guide

I Created a Halloween Facebook Page
Halloween WitchesThis was one of the things suggested in Britt Malka’s Holiday Blogging Guide.  It is a great way to get more visitors to the site.  I would love it if you could “Like” the page.

There isn’t much to see yet but I have added this Halloween image. What do you think?

Click Here to  Like My Halloween Facebook Page

In Closing
Again, I am happy with what I got done this week, especially the article writing. I have so much new content to use, I can’t wait to put it all to work. I feel that I might need the month of September to do that. Lol.

I have my little “To Do” list for this week, which includes getting a new PLR pack offering out there so fingers crossed that that will happen. I can honestly say that I am enjoying myself and I hope that you feel the same way when you feel that things are going right.

Have Your Say: Have you had a good week? Are you on track with the goals that you have set yourself? Let me know in the comments section below.

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