Weekly Roundup Vlog – How The 30 Day Challenge Affected My Stats

Weekly Roundup - 12On Friday I published my final post as part of the 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge.  I feel euphoric, knowing that I had stuck to the task and had managed to get something written and published each day.

Although I was not able to provide a free gift every week during the task, I hope to offer stuff as I continue on with my journey to discover how to make money online and how to get things done with minimal procrastinating along the way.

Below is a roundup of the things that I got done over the past 5 days and I also take a look at the stats for this site and how they have changed from the beginning to the end of this challenge.

What I Got Done This Week

  • Recorded and uploaded this week’s video
  • Published 5 blog posts here
  • Published a blog post at Top Gifts for Children
  • Updated my Hub Site
  • Added a new freebies page here

I Recorded and Uploaded This Weeks Video

Here it is in all its glory. Enjoy :)

I Published 5 Blog Posts Here

The theme of the posts for this week was about improving your blogs and focussing on your online achivements.  I enjoy writing these sort of posts because they allow you to reflect on what you have done and how you can improve.  Here are the posts in case you missed them.

I Published a Post for Top Gifts for Children Website

I managed to finally add a new post to my toy site.  I like writing this as I could think happy thoughts about my friend and her beautiful new baby. It was nice to get personal and I think it made for a more interesting post.

I Updated My Hub Site

I am now happy with how my hub site at Victoria Virgo looks. The images on the front page are all the same size, I have added a few more pages detailing my service and added a customer testimonials page.

I am aiming to look for freelance writing opportunities in both the online and offline world so this will be the place that I will direct people to.

I Added a Freebies Page HereHow To Pay it Forward - Free eBook to Download

I know that I want to be able to offer free case studies and other reports so I created a page to house the info. There is a link in the header menu above.

I hope to add to the list as often as possible.  The first thing here is the subscriber ebook that I really enjoyed putting together.

In order to download a copy of anything that is on this page, all you have to do is subscribe to my newsletter.

Let’s Take a Look at The Stats for My Daily Cuppa

Rising profitsSo the challenge is over for me and I wanted to see what impact posting over the last six weeks has had on this site.

The Traffic Stats

This information has been gleaned from my Google Analytics.

Traffic Stats for Febuary 2013

  • 399 visitors
  • 65.33% were new visitors
  • 34.67% were returning visitors
  • 1,151 page views
  • 3.26 minutes were spent on the site on average per visit
  • 51.90% bounce rate

Traffic Stats for March 2013

  • 600 visitors
  • 53.10% were new visitors
  • 46.90% were returning visitors
  • 2,547 page views
  • 4.25 minutes were spend on the site on average per visit
  • 50.56% bounce rate

Well, the numbers seem to be going in the right direction.  I am over the moon with the amount of page views, and time that people are spending on the site.  Good news all round I think.  I will have to take a look at my stats in a few months time to compare the results.

The List Building Stats

I started the challenge with 4 people on my list.  They had signed up to my previous email account. The bad news is that these four didn’t sign up to the new list.

But the good news is that I have gained 25 brand new subscribers over the course of this challenge.  Thank you for signing up. I hope that my newsletters are fun and informative.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesistate to get in touch.  We are all about building interactive communties here so feel free to get in touch.

My Facebook Fan Page Stats

I started the challenge with 3 Facebooks fans and today I have 20 people who clicked on that Thumbs Up button.  Thank you again.  I still have to make more of an effort to post on Facebook and I hope that now I will have a lot more time to get to doing that. :)

What’s Next for Me and My Daily CuppaWhats Next

This challenge has been fun and exciting but it has taken over a lot of my free time.  This meant that I was not able to focus on all the other things that I love to do.

So now I will be getting back to working on my PLR business, editing and publishing my next kindle book and adding more posts to my other blogs.

As well as my normal online activities, I am planning on working on a few case studies where I will take a look at specific ways to earn a specific sum of money.  More on that in next week’s post 😉

I have lots to do and I am super excited about sharing this with you.

I know that Tiffany and Bonnie have another challenge up their sleeves and I can’t wait to find out where that particular task will take us.

Get in touch when you have completed your 30 Day Challenge so that I can join you in celebrating your victory.

Have Your Say: Have you noticed a difference in your website stats since you started this challenge? Have there been any suprises?  I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

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