Weekly Roundup Vlog – It Feels Great To Get Stuff Done

Weekly Roundup - 19This week has been fantastic. I feel like I have accomplished a great deal and I can’t wait to see what’s coming up. I am working hard on the 90 Day Product Creation Challenge as well as my own other little projects.

This week also signalled the end of the 30 Day Facebook Fanpage Challenge.  I share my thoughts about the experience at the end of this post, the good and the not so good.

Before I start thinking about next week’s To Do List, here is a round up of what I got done over the last few days.

This Week’s Achievements

  • Recorded & uploaded this week’s video
  • Wrote & published 3 posts for this blog
  • Drafted a 5 page ebook
  • Prepared my next short story for publication

I Recorded & Uploaded This Week’s Video
I hope that when you watch this, you come away with the feeling that you can get things done and that nothing is impossible.  Here it is. Enjoy :)

I Wrote & Published 3 Posts for This Blog
The first post is about the product creation challenge. I decided to write out a rough schedule for myself so that I could focus on what I needed to get done each week. The result is a reduction in my procrastination and a reduction in feeling overwhelmed by the project.

The second post is my ongoing kindle book creation. I have a short story that should be published before the week is over.

Here are the links:

I Drafted a 5 Page eBookMy new ebook - work in progress
This ebook is what I will be offering as a sign up incentive as part of my product. I was thinking of writing a few ezine articles and using it as an offering. I have time to consider my options.

The good thing is that the bulk of it is written. I just need to edit it, add a cover image and a soft sales page at the end of it.

I am ready to move on to the next task on my 90 Day Product Creation Schedule, which is to write 5 ezine articles :)

I Have Prepared My Next Short Story for Publication
My Next Short Story - coming soonI have now got the artwork back for my book cover and I have to finish formatting the story. Then I can upload it to the Amazon kindle program and get it out there.

I will let you know when the free promotion starts so you can download a free copy.

This experience is forming part of my Kindle Book Case Study. There are still a few things I need to do in this challenge before my report is complete.

I will let you know when this will be ready to download.

The 30 Day Facebook Fan Page Challenge is Over – My Thoughts
Facebook Fan Page Challenge is OverThis challenge has now come to an end and I have to admit that I sort of gave up on it in the second week. I think that the idea was a fantastic one.  Sue Worthington put a lot of her time and energy into the project and I think that she got a great response.

I met some new people online and I managed to increase the number of facebook fans for this blog and my other sites too.

There were two issues that stopped me from enjoying and fully participating in this challenge.

#1 – I Am Not A Huge Fan of The Platform
This is most likely down to the fact that I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t use my personal profile much so I knew it would take extra effort to get involved.

I have set up my blog posts to automatically get posted to facebook and I pop in every now and then to catch up on bits and pieces of conversation. That’s as far as it goes.

#2 – I Was Stuck on The Starting Line
Because I had so much to learn, I felt like I was left behind. The daily lessons were great and I have kept those emails but in order to get on with the task, you already sort of needed to know what you were doing.

I am glad that I signed up to the challenge because it got me to do a few things with my Facebook Fan Page but I still have lots to learn, which I may do at my own pace. Although it may be one of those situations where I know enough to get by so I won’t bother learnng more.

In Closing
This has been a good week for me. I feel like I am getting into a good routine, where work is getting done and I am enjoying the process.

I am slowly working out what type of things I enjoy and what keeps me motivated as well as the things that I don’t really enjoy doing. Those are the things that I have to push away instead of wasting my energy on tasks that are not that enjoyable for me.

I hope that you have had a productive few days too and that you are feeling positive about the week ahead.

Have Your Say: So how has your week been? Have you made progress in your product creation? Are you writing kindle books? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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