Weekly Roundup Vlog – It’s Time To Get Our Writing On!

Weekly Roundup - 28I am so excited to share my weekly round up with you. I got lots of things done and I have new projects lined up left, right and centre. I would love for you to jump on board the productivity train with me :)

Check out the video and the post below to find out how we can help each other out on our make money online journey.

First let me share what I got up to over the last few days. Here is a quick summary of recent events.

What I Got Done This Week

  • I uploaded this week’s video
  • I published my latest kindle book
  • I started a 30 Day Article Writing Challenge
  • I completed first draft of 90 Day Product Creation Challenge
  • I Purchased a new ebook
  • I purchased a new domain

This Week’s Video
I mention everything that I have achieved over the last few days and some things that I would love you to share with me. The video is a little fuzzy, not sure why it didn’t render correctly. I hope that you can still enjoy it :)

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I Published My Latest Kindle Book
Diary of a Vaughan Town Volunteer in Spain by  Victoria VirgoI am so happy that my book Diary of a Vaughan Town Volunteer – My Free Trip to Spain* is finally published. I love the way the cover turned out. Now all I need to do is to spread the word about its existence.

I have created a sales page which you can see RIGHT HERE. I still have other things to do in order to promote it but I will do that little by little.

At the moment, kindle book writing is my passion project. They don’t bring in much money (yet) but I have lots of fun putting them together. It is a straight forward process as long as you know what you want to write about.

Check Out The Glowing Review I Got – Grinning from Ear to Ear!


I Started a 30 Day Article Writing Challenge
I have been challenging myself to be consistent and to write an article on a daily basis. I decided to create a challenge over at the Warrior Forum so that I could plot my progress over the 30 days this August. I am happy to see that several people have joined me and are checking in to record their own progress.

It is not too late to join us. Simply head over to the Warrior Forum, introduce yourself and each day you complete an article, leave a message of your success. I hope that coming together like this will help to motivate us all to get stuff done!

Click Here for The 30 Day Challenge Thread


I Completed The First Draft of My 90 Day Product Creation Product
My new ebook - 90 Day Product Creation ChallengeI have been all around the houses about what my product should be. Did I want an ebook, a kindle book, an email series etc. I actually switched out my idea. The original idea will become a product but I feel that that one will work out better once I am more established and more people are aware of me. This new and improved product should be something for anyone and everyone.

I settled on an ebook format because I want to get this thing done and out there and I feel that this is the quickest option. I just have to tweak the draft and then get to work on the sales page. It would be great if I could get that finished by the end of the week.

I Purchased a New Make Money eBook
Casual Holiday Blogging by Britt MalkaI decided to purchase Britt Malka’s new ebook called Casual Holiday Blogging. It is a step by step guide on how to create a blog that specifically targets the holiday season, with quick and easy methods so that the site is up in no time at all.

All you need to do is choose the holiday season that you would like to write about, put together a website using curated articles and PLR and watch it make money during that particular holiday. Then your site sits there waiting for the holiday season to roll around same time next year, where you will hopefully make money again.

I bought one of Britt’s products before so I knew that her step by step guidance would make the process easy to follow. I made money from the other product so I thought that I would give this one a try.

This ties in brilliantly with my 30 Day Article Writing Challenge. Some of the articles I write will be used for this new website.

Click Here for More info on Britt Malka’s Casual Holiday Blogging Guide


Come Join Me on This Journey
This would be the perfect opportunity for you to get a brand new niche site up and running. Get a copy of Britt’s book, decide on the holiday season you want to target and get 25 articles written before the month of August is over.

Are you with me?

I Purchased a New Domain
I have to give thanks to Amanda Thomas at Adventures in Online Marketing for helping me to get my butt in gear on this one. It would have been really easy to read Britt’s book and think “yes, what a great idea, I really must do something with that information.” Then, like with so many things, it falls by the wayside, another unused ebook on your hard-drive.

Well Amanda mentioned that she had not only written her daily article, she had also set up a brand new site within one day! Well if that is not throwing down the gauntlet, I do not know what you would call it. So I re-read my new blogging book, decided on my topic and sought out my new domain.

The holiday period I decided on is the Halloween season. I chose this topic because I have PLR articles from my own site that I can use. I purchased Halloween PLR from Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Mini Mart and never got round to using it. Therefore I have plenty of content to get me going.

With the 30 Day Article Writing Challenge I will be creating even more content at a nice consistent pace without that feeling of overwhelm.

SO YOUR PRODUCTIVITY MISSION – if you choose to accept the challenge is to:

So – I urge you – if you are wanting to make money from one of the holiday seasons, jump on board with this challenge. Will we make money? I do not know, but I know that we will not make money if we do not take action.

It’s the second part of the year and productivity levels are getting high up in here. Are you feeling the same way? Yes? Then let’s go, go, go!

Have Your Say: Have you had a highly productive week? What has been the highlight for you? Let me know in the comments section below so that I can give you a virtual high 5!

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