Weekly Roundup Vlog – Musings on Book Promotion and Problems with Blog Commenting

Weekly Roundup - 16This week has been a whirlwind of doing promotional stuff for my first fiction story and giving it away for free.

I keep saying first, but I have actually published two short stories for children and a couple of ooh la la stories in the erotica arena. However this is the first piece of fiction under the name my mother and father gave me :)

It has been a very exciting time and I have really learned a lot from going through this whole process and seeing what else is out there. Only time will tell whether people will be willing to pay good money for my efforts. This will also be very interesting to see.

This Week’s Activities
Here is the roundup of what I got done this week. I am very happy with my schedule at the moment.

  • Recorded and uploaded this week’s video
  • Set up free promotion for my short story
  • Wrote 3 posts for this blog
  • Wrote 1 post for my travel blog
  • Ordered new PLR articles

Recorded and Uploaded This Week’s Video
This is a quick overview of my week, with a shout out to Ashley at Methodical Teen (great name), who has just started a fresh blog and is starting to plan out that first book for kindle. Good luck Ashley. :)

I also talk about the annoyance I feel when trying to leave feedback comments on some blogs out there.  Help me out people! Enjoy the video.

I Set Up My Free Promotion for My Short Story
In The Park - short story by Victoria VirgoAs you all know, I recently published my short story In The Park. This week I was busy carrying out my Lazy Girl promotion strategy. OK, not that busy lol. This included setting up automated tweets, adding my book to a few facbook pages and sites and writing a promotional blog post. That’s it. I didn’t want to go mad.

I have recieved some really lovely feedback and comments left on the Amazon website. Thank you for those comments.

If you haven’t already done so and you would like to help, I would be grateful if you could add a short review too. Thank you.

I Wrote Three Posts for This Blog
I am really happy that people are responding well to these posts and are happy to leave comments. It is very encouraging and helps to fuel further post ideas. Here are the links to this past weeks musings:

I Wrote a Post for My Travel Blog
This post was a continuation of my Istanbul travels. This time I wrote about experiencing my first meal in Turkey. Here’s the link:

The PLR Boutique - Quality PLRI Ordered New PLR Articles
I have received some great feedback from people on my PLR list about the type of articles they need. I am currently working on one of the PLR pack requests. I hope to have that ready by the end of the week.

Warning – Blatant Self Promotion Alert!
If you need PLR articles, and haven’t already signed up, head on over to The PLR Boutique, watch the video, leave your email address and a topic request. I want to work through my list of suggestions so that people get exactly what they need for their online businesses.

It’s a Wrap
So that’s this week’s roundup. My free book promotion ends on Monday so I will be able to look at the number of downloads and see if this will translate into sales afterwards.

This info will be included in my Kindle Book Case Study, which will be available to subscribers of the blog. Sign up if you haven’t already.

I hope you have had a productive week and you are looking forward to what lies ahead. I most certainly am.

Have Your Say: What was the highlight of your week? I would love for you to share this in the comments section below.

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