Weekly Roundup Vlog – The 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge is Almost Over

Weekly Roundup - 11This is the penultimate week of the 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge.

I have 5 days to go and five more blog posts to publish before I cross that finishing line.

I really enjoyed writing this week’s collection of posts because I was discovering little bits and pieces of info that I didn’t know previously.

I also got the chance to resurrect an old post too. This was lovely because more people were able to enjoy the piece.

It makes sense why some bloggers choose to look at their own archives and republish past posts. A new audience may have missed things the first time round so this is a great opportunity to share. It is also a very quick way to produce a “new post” 😉

So, here’s a roundup of what I got done this week.

This Weeks Accomplishments

  • I Recorded 2 Videos
  • I Wrote and Published 5 Blog Posts
  • I Added a Categories Section in the Sidebar
  • I Have a Freebie Gift for Subscribers

I Recorded 2 Videos
The first video I made was for my PLR site The PLR Boutique. I finally removed the gravatar image and added a welcome video. I am not sure about it yet, but I thought I would give it a go and see.

Everything is trial and error isn’t it? Wow, look how far I have come since my slideshow voice over video days. lol. Just click on the website address to take a sneaky peek.

Back to My Daily Cuppa, and here is my video for this week’s roundup. Enjoy :)

Published 5 Blog Posts on My Daily Cuppa
This week was mostly about the social media tools that I am currently using. Thank you to everyone who left helpful comments. This has really helped me to understand a little more about each of these tools.

Here are the post links for this past week:

I Added a Categories Section in the Sidebar
I got around to organising my posts so that people can find what they need at a glance.  I have so many different categories but I only wanted to show the relevant ones so I used a plugin called Categories Excluder which enabled me to pick and choose which catergories would get listed.

Have a look at the sidebar and tell me what you think.

My Freebie Gift to My SubscribersFree Gift for Subscribers
Yes – finally Victoria has got her act together and produced the goods. lol. Actually this was an ebook that I had put together to offer as a free gift for new subscribers but never uploaded.

If you would like to find out what this mysterious gift is, simply add your name and email in the subscribe box below.

The 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge is Almost Over
So we are heading into the final few days of this challenge. I will be writing a summary post of all the things that I feel I gained during these 30 blogging days. I hope to find out what you have gained from the experience too.

Have Your Say: What was the highlight of your blogging week? I would love you to share in the comments section below.

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