Weekly Roundup Vlog – The Week After The 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge

Weekly Roundup - 13This is the first week after the 30 Day List Building and Blogging Challenge ended and I am so happy that I was able to use that momentum to motivate me to continue blogging this week.

I didn’t publish a post everyday on this site but I was able to use that time to add new posts to other blogs and get to work on a couple of other projects.

Here is a summary of what I got done over the last few days.

This Week’s Accomplishments

  • Video Recorded and Uploaded
  • Three Posts Published on This Blog
  • One Post Published on Part Time Travels
  • One Post Published on Two Pretty Things
  • Short Story Edited & Book Cover Ordered
  • Submitted a Paid Guest Post for Consideration

Video Recorded and Uploaded
Here is this week’s roundup video – enjoy :)

Three Posts Published on This Blog
After I completed the 30 Day List Building & Blogging Challenge, I decided that a good workable schedule would be to publish three posts each week here. I am happy to report that I have been able to get this done. The posts are as follows:

One Post Published on Part Time TravelsTurkish Airlines Globally Yours
I want to get to work on my other sites. I had written a post about my trip to Istanbul.

It turned out to be much longer than expected so I have broken it up into a series of posts. The first one is below:

My Trip to Istanbul – Part One – The Flight

One Post Published on Two Pretty ThingsDecluttering the master bedroom
I am still working out the proper streamlined direction of this website. I think it will be a mixture of home styling, my stylings and book/film reviews. A real mish mash of basically living life.

This week’s post was about helping my parents to get their home ready for sale. We have a long ways to go but this was just the beginning.

A House Transformation – Getting a Property Ready for Sale

Short Story Edited & Book Cover Ordered
Kindle Book EditedI am slowly getting around to editing the short stories that I have on my hard drive.

The aim is to publish them individually and put them on sale for $0.99. Then when I have 3 or 4 published, I will bundle them up and offer this for $2.99.

This is a short fiction – romance and I have ordered the book cover. I look forward to seeing what it will look like. Very exciting.

Submitted a Paid Guest Post for ConsiderationGuest Post Submitted in Draft Form
There are lots of websites that offer payment for guest posts so I am trying my hand at this. I have submitted my very first proposal this week and hope to send out a couple more next week.

I don’t know how this will go as I prefer to write about what I write and then see if it is suitable for my own blog or for publication on another property. This just means that I have to look for sites that cater to the type of audience that I am seeking. Who they are, I have no idea. lol.

In Closing
Please Like My PageSo that’s what I got up to this week. I am very happy with my progress. Next week I have to do some work on my PLR site. I am still working on getting my list to move from one email system to another (Aweber). I hope to get a new PLR pack ready for sale by the end of the week too.

I will also be taking part in a brand new challenge. This is called the 30 Day Facebook Fan Page Challenge and is being run by Sue Worthington.  Find out more by clicking on the link above.

This will involve working on my Facebok Fanpage.  If you haven’t already, I would love it if you could give it the old ‘thumbs up’. It’s up near the top of this post. Thanks :)

Have Your Say: Are you happy with your week’s progress. Share with me your greatest achievement in the comments below.

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