Weekly Roundup Vlog – Time to Make Some Money?

The First Month of The Year is Over!

It feels like time has flown by. I can not believe that January is over and we are now heading into February and Valentine’s Day.

I had hoped to write a couple more posts before the month was done but never mind.

Here’s a brief list of my achievements for this week.

  • I Went To Bremen, Germany for 3 Days
  • I Added a Warrior Forum Offer for my PLR Articles
  • I Uploaded My Weekly Vlog Video

I Went to Bremen, Germany

I had a fantastic time in Germany. I am so happy that I was able to organise this short trip and that I actually did it.  I went on my own and got to use my Germany language skills as soon as I landed in Bremen.

I will be writing about my trip to Germany on my travel website and will link to it here onces that is done. Suffice to say, I look forward to planning my next short hop over the channel very soon.

I Added a WSO for My PLR Articles – 35 Articles for $10!

I had already mentioned that I had outsourced my articles, which then needed to be edited and bundled together.  Well, I finally got it all prepared.  I wrote up my special offer ad for the Warrior Forum and it has been accepted and is now live.

CLICK HERE to see the offer.  It is a great deal if you are in the market for Exercise Related PLR articles.  I now have to write about this offer on my actual PLR website.

My Weekly Roundup Video

So that’s me so far this year. I don’t think I did too badly.  There is always room for improvement though.

I hope that February will be a month of working hard to make money online.  I need to try and stay focused on that and not get distracted by all the fun things that there are on the internet.  Wish me luck :)

Have Your Say: Did January fly by for you? Are you happy with your online progress and activity?  I would love you to share your thoughts.

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