Weekly Roundup Vlog – Visitor Traffic is Increasing Yeah!

More People are Visting This Blog- Hurrah!Weekly Roundup - 9

We have come to the end of Week 3 in the 30 Day List Building & Blogging Challenge.

I would have to say that the Epic Wins have been in creating my daily blog posts and the increase in visitors to the website,  but the Epic Fails would include my lack of freebies to my list or on this website :(

I didn’t know what to offer this week so ended up with a big fat nothing. Ah, you win some, you lose some but I must do better next week! (Scratch that – I got on and did something – my “gift” is down below at the end of this post.)

Here’s a roundup of my activities over the last 5 days.

What I Got Done This Week

  • I Uploaded This Weekend’s Video
  • I Published 5 Posts for This Blog
  • I Published 2 Squidoo Lenses
  • Checked My Visitor Stats
  • I Went to The Theatre
  • My Free Gift to You

I Uploaded This Weekend’s Video

Here is today’s video.  I included a couple of shout outs to Crystal Touchton, Amanda at Squidspro.com, Bonnie Gean and Michelle at The Cricket Lady.com.

 I Published 5 Posts for This Blog

This week’s theme was about how to make money with Amazon.  Here are the post links if you didn’t get a chance to read them:

Make Money with Amazon

I Published 2 Squidoo LensesButterfly Party Decorations

I had fun with these lenses. The Butterfly Party Decorations idea came about because I had a niche website all about party themes.  I thought I would see if this would be a good money making lens.

I loved discovering the wall decals for the bedroom.  I might even get something for my own room.

Gift ideas for Dads to BeThe second lens, Gifts for Dads to Be was made in honour of a dear friend of mine who is going to be a dad in a couple of months time.

He loves life and takes everything in his stride so I included fun gift ideas that I know he would get a kick out of.

I think that this moustache covered baby pacificer is hilarious and there are some others that are just as funny.

Checked My Visitor Stats

Visitor Stats are risingI currently have 21 subscribers to my list with 1 person still to confirm.

Looking at Google Analytics, this is the montly visitor figures since September 2012

  • Sep 2012 = 151
  • Oct 2012 = 396
  • Nov 2012 = 443
  • Dec 2012 = 318
  • Jan 2013 = 504
  • Feb 2013 = 499
  • Mar 2013 = 585

I have already had 585 visitors to this website and it is only 17th  March.  Wowser :) I a very happy with those figures. I have gone from an average of 5 visitors to 34 visitors per day.  Excellent news and a great motivator to get more stuff posted and more videos created.

I Went to The TheateGreat Expectations - Vaudeville Theatre London

One of my goals this year is to remember to actually live life.  That includes remembering all the fun stuff that I used to do before and to to actually get to doing them again.

For me that includes going to the theatre and living in London, I have a ridiculous amount to choose from.

This week I watched a play called  Great Expectations, based on the Charles Dickens novel. This was a great adaptatation.  I love my period dramas so this suited me down to the ground.

My Free Gift – My First PodcastMy First Podcast

Well it is not strictly speaking a gift but I wanted to share something that I put together.  This is my very first podcast!!!

Now this could not have happened without the fantastic podcast series tutorial that Bonnie Gean wrote and videotaped.

Please bear in mind, this is rough and ready. I wanted to get that first podcast done so that the fear factor is gone, similar to creating videos.

I know that if  I were to wait until everything is perfect,  I may never get round to it.  I prefer to try something out then take a look at the kinks afterwards  and improve with practice and repetiton.

This was recorded on my laptop, so the sound quality is a bit suspect and there is no lovely incidental music.  if I had started looking for that, I would still be looking weeks after this challenge ends. lol.

Here goes….

And the direct link: My First Podcast

This was uploaded at http://archive.org/ It is free to upload and since I don’t know how many of these I would be doing, I just wanted somewhere quick and easy (and free) to try things out.  Thanks again Bonnie :)

So that was the week that was.  I hope that you have had a productive and fun week. Looking forward to what the next few days will bring :)

Have Your Say: Are you happy with your week’s achievments? What would you say was the highlight for you?  What do your visitor figures look like? Let me know in the comments below.

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