Weekly Roundup Vlog – Your Online Work Should Still be Fun

Don’t Forget the Fun in Working Online

This is a catchup on what I have been doing this week and my reflection of said actions.

The title for this post – Your Online Work Should Be Fun, is just a reminder that working and making money online is a choice and that it should be fun.  This doesn’t mean that it won’t be difficult but it shouldn’t make you feel down or depressed.  You might as well go out and let someone else give you a paycheck, if you actually hate the process of providing online content.

I actually started out feeling quite down at the beginning of the week.  I got my PLR special offer published and I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do.  Thinking about making money online was getting in the way of me enjoying the process or writing just for fun.

Instead of  being able to write what I wanted, I kept asking myself – will this make money – will this make money?  Having that question constantly on your mind can really hinder your progress.

I wonder if anyone else has felt that.  I would love to know what you think and what you do when you find yourself in this sort of situation.

Anyway, I finally got out of my funk and out of my own headspace and ended up getting some other stuff written and published.  And yes, I did enjoy the process.

What I Got Done This Week

  • I Recorded & Uploaded This Weeks Vlog
  • I Finally Published My Warrior Forum Offer
  • I Wrote Two New Squidoo Lens
  • I Wrote a New Post for My Other Website

This Week’s Vlog

For some reason, my face is a little sweaty.  I think it is because I took a slug of hot tea, pressed record and the promptly started to perspire. lol. Enjoy :)

I Finally Published My Warrior Forum Offer

Exercise PLR Articles for SaleThis week I was determined to work on my PLR store, The PLR Boutique.  I am happy to report that I was able to finally publish the special offer that I had been working on

The offer is an Exercise PLR Bundle – 35 articles for just $10.  CLICK HERE to get all the details.

It is always very scary putting something out there because it feels like you are opening yourself up to be judged.  But I put on my big girl pants and hit the publish button.

I didn’t get an immediate reaction to my PLR Sales Offer over at the Warrior Forum so I was a little disheartened.  But then the first sale came through and then more sales came through via my affiliate programme.   A special thanks to Ruth for her support.

I will definitely be writing an extended post or a short report on my experience.

So the first task has been accomplished. It is now time to start working on the next phase for my PLR store, namely creating more content.

Join The PLR Boutique Affiliate Programme

Sign up to become an affiliate of my PLR website and you could earn $5 for each sale you make from this particular Warrior Forum Offer.

 CLICK HERE to sign up and start promoting to your list.

I Wrote Two New Squidoo Lenses

Black Wool Felt HatI wasn’t able to make any lenses last week so I wanted to get back up to speed.  I created two new lenses, both of which are related to things I needed and bought.

The first is called a Cloche Hat for Women.  This is a hat that I actually purchased a few weeks ago.

I didn’t know that this style had a name so it was fascinating to put this lens together.

The second lens is about buying a Clear Makeup Bag for Airline Travel.

I had to use a clear travel bag for my carryon luggage when I went to Bremen.

Instead of just using a plastic freezer bag, I got a clear custom made washbag. There are some cute transparent wash bags for sale.

I Wrote a New Post for Two Pretty Things

I wrote about the Cloche Hat that I recently bought.  The post is about taking steps to finding and defining your own style.

I suppose this is my own personal journey and I hope that it will inspire others to make little changes for themselves.

Read about My New Cloche Hat at Two Pretty Things.

That’s all for this week.   Now tell me about you.

Have Your Say:  Did you have a productive week?  Have you felt stifled by the pressure you put on yourself?  Let me know in the comments below.

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