What Does My Blog Have To Offer You?

The 30 Day List Building & Blogging Challenge Starts Today

The aim is to produce 30 days of fantastic blog posts that are of interest to your audience.

The result should be that people will be tripping over themselves to join your list so that they can keep up to date with whatever topic you write about.

Find out more about this challenge by visiting Tiffany’s Blog Post about the dos and don’ts. Anyone can join at anytime.

Day One – The First Blog Post
In my first blog for the challenge, I want to answer the three following questions, questions that most people have in their head when they visit a new website:

  • Who Are You?
  • What is Your Blog About?
  • What Do You Want People To Gain from Your Blog?

Who Are You?
When I started working online, I didn’t use my name. I hid behind a user name – Tiptopcat and an avatar of a cat. Cute but this meant that people didn’t really get the opportunity to know the real me.

I have now stepped out from behind the username and have published my picture for all to see.  Find out more about me on my About Me Page.  I still have one step to go and that is to place a photo of myself on the homepage header or sidebar.  This is a scary step, but it will happen soon.

What About You?
Are you using your real name on the internet? Do you have a photo out there loud and proud? Is there an About Me page on your blog?

What is My Blog About?
I have had this blog for quite some time and I have never had any real direction with it.  I have so many interests and at one point I tried to encompass everything right here in one place.

After reading lots of helpful information from other bloggers, I realised that this was a major mistake. If you are trying to cover too many topics on one blog, you confuse the people who land on a particular post. They will read that post and then expect that the rest of your blog is about the same theme and topic that they are interested in.  If it is not, then they click away, dazed and confused.

Some people know exactly what they want to share with others, while others, like me, have found it hard to figure out what I have to offer to others. It has taken some time for me to work out what I have to share that could be of help to others and I think I am on my way.

So What Is My Blog About?
This is still a work in progress but I believe that I am one step closer to determining the focus of this blog. My Daily Cuppa is about the following things:

  • How to make money with a PLR Business
  • How to make money writing Kindle Books
  • How to make money as an Amazon Affiliate
  • How to get things done and stop procrastinating

What About You?
What is your blog about? Is it clear for new visitors to your website? Does your blog have a central theme?

What Do You Want People To Gain from Your Blog?
When people discover my corner of the webosphere, I hope that they are presented with an example of how an ordinary person is attempting to acheive that work – life balance by making money online, while working a real world job.

I hope that they will gain some new insights into making money in the areas that I cover as well as work out how to set up systems that will decrease your procrastination.

I hope that people feel motivated to give online marketing and writing a go because they see that it is something that almost anyone can try.

I also hope that people will feel free to ask questions about the stuff that I am doing, especially if they are stuck or confused on some issue.

Feel free to leave a comment or to get in touch via the Contact Me Page. I can not promise that I will have the definitive answer or solution but maybe another point of view could be helpful.

What About You?
What would you like me to gain from visiting your blog? Can I leave comments on a blog post? Can I get in touch with you?

To Wrap Up
I hope that I have been able to answer those three questions above and also given you food for thought about whether you answer them on your own website. I look forward to keeping these questions in mind whenever I write my future posts. Wish me luck.

So that’s my first blog post for this challenge done and dusted.  Hip Hip Hooray! :)

Have Your Say: Do you have a blog? Do you think it is clear what it is about?  Leave your comments below.

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