What First Impressions Does Your Website Make To a New Visitor?

Does Your Website Need a Mini Makeover?Give Your Website a Mini Makeover

I have said this many times before.  A website or a blog is a work in progress.  It is always a good idea to look at ways in which you can improve on the layout and theme.

You want to ensure that people are not scared when they arrive and they are not left feeling dazed and confused by highly suspect graphics, weirdly named links and unclear information.

Recently Barney from Barney’s Brain carried out an evaluation on my blog.  I thought that It would make for interesting reading to go through the stuff he highlighted and to discuss my opinion.

There could be things here that you might need to take a look at on your own blog and suggestions on how to improve your visitor’s experience. OK, here goes. Barney’s comments are highlighted in a lovely shade of blue.

The HeaderMy Website 2013

I like your header. If possible I would lighten up the text in your tagline it is a little hard to see especially on laptops. A big fan of the purple/violet myself.

I didn’t know how to lighten up the text so I went and found out. Asked Google the question and Google responded.  Also found out how to increase the font size too :)

The Menu

Your menu is good. I would add a “home” link to it. You might think about putting some of the links under a link like categories. It is ok now but you will probably want to add more categories later.

I forget that some people don’t realise that the header is clickable and sends you to the home page.  So I added this to the Menu bar.

Some of those links will be removed and placed under a Categories Section in the Sidebar Widget, once I decide what my Categories are.  Lots of posts and pages to sift through and sort out.

The Website Background Colour

If you change your background of your site to a little darker color your content will pop more. Even a little darker gray would work.

This was another little lesson I went off to teach myself.  I had to find out where to make this change in this particular theme. I have now changed the background but will still tweak until I am happy with the colour. I went to the Theme creator’s forum to search for the answer.

The Graphics in Posts

You use graphics in your posts, it makes them more interesting. I need to do more of that myself.

I love using a mixture of images because it helps to break up the text and gives the eyes something to focus on instead of just a wall of words.

The Aweber Form

In your Aweber form I would add a strong statement about spam. People are really nervous about it today. Also there is a lot of white space after the submit button. I would try to eliminate some of it. I know Aweber’s form maker can be flaky at times.

I added the Spam statement and was able to reduced the whtie space in the Aweber form.  There was an empty text box module that I didn’t even realise was there. Just deleted its, saved the form again and copied the new code back into the sidebar widget.

The Website FooterWebsite Footer

In your footer I’m not sure about your themes widget areas but there is a lot of space on the right side. This makes it a little distracting.

I didn’t have anything else to put in the footer to make it look more balanced. I am not sure how to remedy this at the moment, so I swapped around the widget boxes.  If anyone has any recommendations of things I could add, let me know.

The Home Page

When I first come to you home page, my first impression is I’m being sold to. Now I understand these are reviews but somehow I think the first time visitor needs to know that too. Not sure how to do that, but it is something to think about.

I don’t know what I can do about making the home page look less salesly. However I think it will depend on what I am blogging about at the time and what blog titles appear. Also once I get my Menu at the top sorted, this could help to ofset the sales-like feel.

The About Me PageAbout Me

Your about page is great, well done. That personal impression is what should be on your front page. It is like doing Tiffany’s Vlog challenge (which I have not done 😉 ) That first impression is everything and on the web you have about 5 seconds to make it.

I could look at adding something in the sidebar widget which would provide a more personal impression – an image or a short video intro.

In Summary

Overall this is a very nice site Victoria. The nice thing about the web is you can always make changes!

PS – Last Recomendation

Also I recommend all sites look into what is known as responsive themes. These are ones that adjust to different screen sizes automatically. With almost 40% of website views coming from smart phones, pads and tablets. It is a smart move.

I am not sure if this is something that all website templates have or not. Does this mean that I may have to change this theme completely?

In Closing

There was lots of great stuff here.  Many thanks again to Barney for offering this as a free gift to his subscribers. A lot was easy to amend and change, while others are out of my control, especially for someone not that technically minded.

There was nothing here that I disagreed with at all. The only issue I have, which I am not sure how to tackle is how to make the blog look and feel less like a sales billboard.

One option is a static first page but I am not a fan of seeing the same standard message or post when I visit a blog.

Have Your Say: Have you taken a look at your own website from a visitor’s prospective? Is it sending out the message that you expect?  Share your thoughts below.

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