Back From The Wilderness – Enjoying Adele’s Song Someone Like You

I am loving Adele’s Song “Someone Like You”

Adele is a fantastic British singer and I absolutely love the acoustic version of her song “Someone Like You” that she has performed on various occasion. Enjoy.

But Now Back To Me

It has been over three months since I updated my blog.  I haven’t really had much to report so didn’t have any inclination to write.  But here is a brief synopsis of what I have been up to for the last three months.

Learning Spanish

I have continued to go to my Spanish course, which I am still enjoying.  Friday was the last day of term but I have now signed up for the final term of the year.  Classes start at the end of April.

My Travel Plans

I had hoped to go traveling to South America but due to unforeseen circumstances, this trip has been put on hold for the moment.  Instead I am going to visit my sister who is working in America.  She is actually working for Disney Cruise Line so I am going off on a 2 ½ week cruise which will be extremely cheesy but fabulous too.

Making Money Online

I am still working at trying to make a full time income online.  I enjoy writing articles and creating little websites.  I will continue to do this.  I have hopes that the more I work at it, the better I will get.  Take a look at my money making experiment website where I record my money making endeavors.

The final thing I want to figure out is exactly what direction I want this blog to go in.  I have a few ideas that I am pondering at the moment.  It shouldn’t take me as long as three months to post again.  Fingers crossed.

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