Will Tweaking The Direction of My Amazon Niche Site Make it More Profitable?

My Amazon Niche Site Work in ProgressOne of the hardest things to learn is what makes an Amazon niche site profitable.

You follow the rules of doing the keyword research, picking the right keyword rich domain name and writing keyword filled articles but you can not guarantee if your site will be a success.

I have a few websites that earn a few dollars per month and today I did a little work on one of them. The site is called Top Gifts for Children. I wonder if you can guess what it promotes? That’s right – gardening supplies. Lol.

Silly – Sorry – Focus Victoria! πŸ˜‰

My site promotes toys and gift ideas for all the different occasions that people like to celebrate with their children.

At the moment the site is getting a lot of clicks through the links but not very many actual sales. I am not sure why that is but I knew that it was time for an overhaul. I hadn’t added a new post since November 2012.

The Things I Did To Overhaul The Site

  • Updated the About Me Page
  • Added a New Post
  • Updated the Sidebar Amazon Banner
  • Cleaned up the Categories & The Header Menu
  • Added The Social Media Buttons to Each Post
  • Turned on The Comments

I Updated the About Me PageWho am I
Before, this page consisted of two lines which said ‘thank you for visiting the site, where you will find out all about the toys that are currently available’. Pretty dry huh?

So I tweaked it by adding my name and photo and a little bit about how I want to move forward with the site. This might be completely irrelevant to most people but there are some who like to make that personal connection.

I am not sure if I will keep what I wrote as I don’t know if it is right but it’s a start and I can amend as I see fit.

Click Here to See the About Me Page

I Added a New PostGifts for a Newborn Baby Boy
It was about time I added something fresh. I didn’t do any keyword research. I just started writing about something that happened recently then found a couple of Amazon products to reference and link to.

I am not sure if this sort of site lends itself to creating a community but I want to add more articles with a little bit of me in them to see if it is possible.

The new post is Gifts for a Newborn Baby Boy – The Perfect Gift for Your Friend and Her New Baby

I Updated the Sidebar Amazon Banner
The previous banner was advertising Black Friday – yep really out of date. I went and grabbed another more generic banner.

A lot of bloggers say that the banners are not that effective but I just needed something to add to the sidebar. If people start responding and leaving feedback on the posts, I will consider adding a subscribe box and start building a list.

I Cleaned up the Categories & The Header Menu
One of the hardest things to get right is what to put in your header menu and in the categories list. These keep changing all the time.

I want to make sure that people know where to find stuff but I don’t want the site to become cluttered with every imaginable link.

So I cleared everything from the top, leaving the Home and About links and added a few categories links at the side. This will most likely increase over time but not too much. Say no to clutter! :)

I Added The Social Media Buttons to Each Post
I would like to get people to engage with the website so I have added the social media buttons to each post. People are then able to facebook like the post, tweet the post, google + the posts or pin the posts.

I Turned on The Comments
Again, I want to encourage some interaction on the site so I have turned on the comments. These will be moderated as I want to ensure that it doesn’t become a link dump for other savvy website owners. I hope to attract real people.

I am trying to change the direction of this website so that it becomes more than just an article directory with Amazon product links. As I mentioned before, I don’t know if this will work as I know that when people are searching for products, they want to know about price, product specs and availability.

I intend to add articles that are not just about selling to see if this helps people or not. This is all trial and error but I will report back on any noticeable developments.

Have Your Say: Have your tried personalising your Amazon sites? Does it work? I would love you to share your comments below.

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