Working On My Niche Website

Creating a niche website

I created a little niche blog a couple of weeks ago so did some more work on it today. I wrote 4 articles about the subject matter as well as a product review and submitted them to a couple of article directories.

I am still learning how to create money-making niches using the tools and methods that I learned from the Thirty Day Challenge. I have also been gathering helpful information from a woman called Jennifer, owner of PotPieGirl. I feel that the beginning of her online story very much reflects my own efforts. She started off earning money via one page sites like, moved on to creating affiliate niche sites using free sites such as and then progressed to hosting her own niche sites. She is now very successful and has even produced her own ebook to help others to create successful online businesses.

I see her as inspirational because:

  • She is a woman – proving that this industry is not exclusive to men (or rather, young boys – there are loads of 13 year olds making money online these days) J

  • She has provided helpful step by step information and instructions about how to create a niche website.

  • She has provided this information for free. Very helpful for us beginners.

  • She seems like a really nice person.

What more can you ask for.

Find out more about this woman’s story at

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