Wow! I Made Some Money Online

I Made Money Online

Around June 2008 I was  browsing through the internet for ways to make money online. I came across the 30 Day Challenge. The challenge was to take place during the month of August and was run by a guy called Ed Dale who posted a video every day with easy to follow instructions on how to do research and create a website. The challenge was to see if you could earn $1.00 within the 30 days. The amount was set low so that people concentrated on the learning process and not too much on the cash.

As I had arrived at the site a month early, I continued looking for money making information and found blogs from other people who had participated in the previous year’s challenge. I read the info and set about creating a little website. I ignored all the marketing aspects as I was just learning what a website actually was. I created my first site with, added a link to the product that I was promoting and left it. I was just happy that I got to learn all the new internet terminology so that I was more prepared when I finally started the 30 Day Challenge.

Anyway I was just doing a random check to see if I had made any sales and found to my shock and surprise that some one had made a purchase!!! The transaction was made on 7 January 2009.  Six months after I had created the site, I found that I had made a total of $11.34 in commission.

The site is called How To Make Flapper Dresses (I chose this because I like to sew and I loved this picture of the dress – not much demand for this product though – hence the lack of sales).

It was a good start as it was the first thing that I ever published on the net and everything I learned during that process still comes in very handy today.

I look forward to creating more websites and hope to have a little bit more success in the future.

Fingers crossed.

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