Writing Tips – 3 Ways To Extend The Life of Your Blog Post

If you have a blog, you know how important it is to write really great content. You want people to visit your site and either be entertained by what you have written or to be informed and come away with the information that they have been seeking.

Another way to ensure that more people get to see what you have produced is to use several different methods to deliver your message.

Here are just 3 examples of how you can use the same information in your blog post in order to reach even more people.

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# 1 – Add Your Article To An Article Directory
Ezine ArticlesOnce you have published your post on your website, the people who follow your blog or who connect to you via Twitter and Facebook will get the opportunity to read what you have to say. If you want to increase your reach, then a great idea is to syndicate your blog content.

One of the most popular and well known article directories around is Ezine Articles. New articles appear on this directory everyday. All you have to do is register to become a member, read the guidelines so that you know what type of articles are acceptable and not acceptable and then add your content.

There is a section at the bottom of the article where you can place links back to your website so that people can read more of your content. This is a great way to attract new visitors to your site.

# 2 – Create a Free Report
Free ReportWhen you have written something that you are really proud of, you want to be sure that as many eyes as possible get to see your content. Think about creating a free report from your blog post. Add a simple front page and copy and paste your blog post. It is a good idea to include a little bit about yourself so write a short “About Me” section and link back to your website . Once your report is together, it is a good idea to format it into a PDF document as this is the easiest type of document to share online.

You might already have this programme on your computer but if you don’t you can find Word to PDF document converters online. Just Google that term and you will find a list of free converters.

Now your blog post is a report and you can share this with your mailing list because there are sure to be people who have missed some of your older posts. You can share this report with your fans on Facebook, Google + and Twitter. There are also several document sharing sites where you can add your free report for even more exposure.

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# 3 – Create A Slide Show Presentation
SlideShareSlide shows are a fun way to share content. The main difference between a slide show and the content you have written for your blog post is that your slide show should be image based. That means that you want to convey the meaning of your post through the use of several images as opposed to huge blocks of text.

Take the main headlines from your post, find suitable photos to go with those headlines and cut and paste the two together. You can create your slide show using PowerPoint or any other presentation software programme you have installed on your computer.

Once you have a few different pages and images together, save the document as a PDF and then upload this to a website like Slideshare.net. It doesn’t take long to register for an account and within minutes your new slide show will be live and viewable by the public all over the world.

These are just 3 ways in which you can extend the life of your blog post. If you want to share your content with as many people as possible, it is a really good idea to try and use all of these methods whenever you create a new piece of writing.

Closing Thoughts
I will be practising what I preach with this blog post. It is published here now. I will upload it to EzineArticles and I will also create a show slide share to represent the content. I hope that this helps a lot more people to find me here at my online home. Wish me luck :)

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Have Your Say: Have you used these methods to share your blog content and extend your reach? What have the results been like? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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