You Really Can Make a Full Time Income Online – Jennifer Bland is Living Proof!

Jennifer Bland - Rat Race GradThis is a post to congratulate a fellow blogger / internet marketer that I have been following for a while.

Her name is Jennifer Bland and her blog is called Rat Race Grad.

I wanted to congratulate her because she had a goal to make enough money with her online endeavours so that she could make a full-time living and give up the offline job.

Well, she has only gone and handed in her notice!  Hurrah :) She wrote about this in her latest Monthly Online Income Report.

Each month Jennifer wrote about the things that she had done in order to build up her online income. She wrote about the things that worked, the things that didn’t work and everything else in between.

The great thing about Jennifer’s blog posts is that you can see how she has progressed month by month. You can see what tactics worked and where her income increased.

Jennifer Shares The High-points & The Low-points
Jennifer even wrote about the disaster that occurred when one of the companies that she was promoting as an affiliate marketer, closed up shop. That meant that she had put all that time and effort into promoting products for this company and suddenly that income source disappeared.

Other people might have thrown up their hands and given in but Jennifer realised that, although this caused a set back in her income trajectory, she dusted herself off and worked out how to make the best out of the situation. The biggest lesson that she learned was that you can not put all our eggs in one basket. You need to have different sources of income just in case something like this happens.

The Different Income Streams
Jennifer makes her money from several sources. She is predominately an affiliate marketer with several sites promoting different physical products but she has also:

  • Written kindle books
  • Created her own products – The Amazon Affiliate Bible, which is what she uses to build her affiliate sites
  • Created a Mailing List for Solo Ads Promotions
  • Sold T-Shirts using Facebook Ads

Jennifer is an Excellent Example of What is Possible
I am so glad that I discovered Jennifer and have been able to see how she has made a success of her online business. She has done it through hard work and determination and she can now reap the rewards by being her own boss 27/4.

Well done Jennifer. Thank you for being such an inspiration and proving that it can be done. You just have to work at it :)

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