Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters


It feels like Christmas arrives earlier every year.This year I have seen lots of adverts about the new must have toy for the season.They are toy hamsters called zhu zhu pets.These are battery operated toys that look just like real little hamsters.The advantages of buying these are that you do not have to clean up after them.This is no doubt the greatest advantage for any parent that has a household full of children who are begging to own their own pet.

At the moment there are four different zhu zhu pet hamsters and they are called Nums Nums, Chunks, Pipsqueak and Mr Squiggles.They are different colours and apparently have their own personalities.

Just like any toy, there are always additional add-ons available and this one is no different.There are lots of zhu zhu pets accessories to choose from including a slide, a hamster surfboard and an hamster car.Strange but true.

If you have kids, you may like to consider buying these toys.You are sure to have a very happy holiday season if you do.


zhu-zhu-pet-hamsters - Chunk - Mr Squiggles

The Zhu Zhu Pets – Pipsqueak, Nums Nums, Mr Squiggles and Chunk

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